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Cute Scrub Sets – Materials, History.

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Cute Scrub Sets are the clothing material worn by the medical staff. The cute scrub sets are increasing in demand from the pandemic duration. The requirement for the medical staff and medication is growing. People all over the globe share different clothing senses. The main thing to look into in the scrub sets is the fabric. The fabric is the better will be the quality and the demand of the product.

Different Kinds Of Fabric – Cute Scrub Sets

Firstly, these sets come in similar colors as the medical staff. The fabric varies from place to place. However, the basis is on the region and the lifestyle of people. Many people prefer a lighter cloth fabric because it provides convenience. The heavier fabric causes difficulty and irritation while working.


Cotton has always been a popular choice. It is soft, breathable, durable and resistant to static electricity. Although this natural fiber is not generally wrinkle-free, the process is continuing.

Cotton is also biodegradable, despite being one of the most environmentally demanding crops due to the amount of water and pesticides it uses.

One downside is that 100% cotton garments tend to shrink. While it’s possible to alleviate this by “pre-shrinking” the garments, that doesn’t mean they won’t shrink afterwards. Exposure to high heat can eventually shrink 100% cotton scrubs.

Cotton is a good material for summer, but it doesn’t wick moisture remarkably well on its own. (If you’ve ever sweated in a cotton top, you probably know from experience that it takes forever to dry.) For this reason, manufacturers typically mix cotton with polyester to give it better moisture-wicking properties.


Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant synthetic material that wicks away moisture and is easy to clean. Unlike cotton, polyester fabrics are neither absorbent nor shrinkable. The material itself is a kind of plastic. So, it resists stains well and dries quickly. Unfortunately, polyester tends to retain odors, and its breathability depends on the thread count.

Polyester fabrics tend to be more economical than 100% cotton due to lower processing costs.

If you have a problem with static electricity, check if your clothes are polyester-rich. Polyester fabrics are the most likely culprits of static electricity attraction.


Rayon is made from regenerated cellulose fibers (aka wood pulp). It is a soft, lightweight and absorbent fabric that shares many similarities with cotton.

It is widely known as a cooling fabric because its fine fibers give it good breathability. Its quick-drying nature also makes it a great choice in dry heat climates. However, it doesn’t perform well in humid environments because it doesn’t wick away moisture and other natural fabrics like bamboo. Rayon resists wrinkles and is soft to the touch. Like cotton, it tends to shrink, so rayon fabrics are best.


Spandex is a synthetic fiber and a popular material choice for adding stretch to clothing. It is strong, lightweight and can be stretched 100% without losing its shape. Unfortunately, it is not wrinkle-resistant but can be mixed with other fabrics to achieve this effect.

A little spandex goes a long way. If you’re looking for a stretch, look for scrubs with 3-4% spandex or elastane. It contributes to the overall flexibility and comfort of the surgical suite. But beware: fabrics with a high elastane content are not very breathable, so they are not ideal in hot weather.

What’s the Best Material For Cute Scrubs Sets?

Best Scrub Material for Summer/Hot Dry Weather – Polyester Rayon, Polyester Viscose, or Polyester Cotton Blends. These have good breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Ideally, choose a light, flowing material with spandex to improve flexibility and stretch.

Best exfoliating fabric for humid climate – Polyester-cotton blend fabric provides the best balance between breathability and moisture-wicking. Choose lightweight (thinner) fabrics with spandex for maximum ease and freedom of movement.

Best Scrub Material for Winter/Cold Dry Weather: A heavier cotton-based fabric with minimal polyester content (preferably <20%). It allows you to stay warm without attracting static electricity.

Best scrub fabric for surgery – Consider disposable surgical scrubs. Surgical gowns usually remain a much lighter cotton/polyester blend intended for single use.

Best Scrubbing Cloth for Liquid/Chemical Protection: Choose a thick, high-polyester fabric for better protection and stain resistance.

History Of Cute Scrubs Sets

Previously blood was a badge of honor for surgeons. However, the existence of the germs was still in the theories. The doctor’s regular dress is a white gown, making them look like a prolific ghost. Later on, they started using blue and green as their costumes. Finally, the doctors opt for different gowns for other kinds of surgeries. For example, high-barrier (and often reusable) gowns are best for high-risk surgeries. But for low-risk surgeries, scrub suits made of a disposable and low-barrier materials will do.


Cute scrub sets –  The materials in the scrub sets play a massive role, as discussed earlier. For example, medical staff sometimes need to stretch their work period while on special duty. So, as they extend their duration, a good clothing fabric in the scrub helps them last long on their refreshing stint. In addition, the more comfortable they are, the better they can work.

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