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Happy Model School: The structural links between the significant variables of school, home, and family and the happiness of Happy school children were investigated in this study. Survey results were gathered from kids in three Happy school districts. SEM was used to inspect the relationship between latent constructs. SEM goodness of fit metrics was good for the theoretical model, and all routes were significant. The model is accurate because it incorporates both the indirect and direct influence of home-related factors, such as how much fun one had with their family, how well family members got along, and how much time parents spent with their children, on the happiness of Happy school children.


Our revered Founder Mother and guiding light of Happy Model School, Late

Mrs. Manini Bhagat was educated and trained in Family & Welfare from the

University of Liverpool (U.K.). She was the main heavy force behind

instituting the society Sukhi Pariwar Awam Bal Kalyan Sansthan.


Mrs. Manini Bhagat gathered a group of visionaries, including educators, social scientists, and social workers, who were profoundly devoted to the noble cause of Family & Welfare. To achieve their purpose, they planned to establish an educational institution in 1986 as a critical step toward empowering future generations.


Happy Model School, 323, Kurahuan, Varanasi, is united with the CBSE, New

Delhi till senior secondary stage (10+2). It is an English standard co-educational school, is located in a calm, pleasant & pollution-free rural

environment on an extensive campus. It has its grand Multi Storied Buildings,

Laboratories, Library, Auditorium, and a vast playground of 200 meters.

Tracks. The whole campus is wi-fi with a rail wire network tower. It offers the

best of the entire thing and is recognized as a symbol of an intellectual, literary,

cultural & comprehensive institution with an outlook.

Affiliation No. 2130496

School Code: 71308


Every child is unique, a reservoir of force, energy, curiosity, and skill which must be understood and treated with dignity. Therefore, our school strives to foster the development of the attributes above in each student.

We feel that the schools should be development places where all

students, teachers, and parents should feel supported, cared for, and

respected. We conceive teaching as an extraordinarily creative and constructive

procedure. We work towards making our school a group of people of learners

based on mutual support, care, and trust.


Students from the Science and Commerce streams performed exceptionally well in the Class XII Board Exam. Sharda Kirti Modanwal won XII-Science with a score of 96.4 percent. Anuska Jaiswal scored 96 percent, Akriti Jha scored 95.8 percent, Komal Seth scored 94.6 percent, and Arpita Kushwaha scored 94.4 percent. Khushi Srivastava scored 94.4 percent, Prince Keshari scored 93.6 percent, Abhishek Gawande scored 93.6 percent, Saundra Keshari scored 93.4 percent, and Anuradha Kumari scored 93 percent.

Whereas Uzma Parveen of XII-Commerce took the top spot with 96 percent, Karan Anand 94.4 percent, Kashish Agrawal 94 percent, Khushi Chaubey 92.4 percent, Mantasha Jahan 91.8 percent, Ritesh Modanwal 91.6 percent, Vishwas Bhatia 91.4 percent, Mansi 90.8 percent, Vaibhav Chaurasia 90.8 percent, and Shantam Kushwaha 90.6

The Class-X Board Result was announced on July 15, 2020.

The pupils did exceedingly well, with Aditya Singh scoring (485/500) 97 percent and topping the class, and Harshita Singh is receiving (483/500). Seventy-seven students got more than 90% through their academic understanding.

The Modern Education System Is Not Just Limited To Academics, Parents Agree

Stretching the job spectrum to add the modern unconventional yet popular career choices have brought a 180-degree turn in the teaching method. Parents understand that to thrive in the ever-evolving market that changes faster than iPhone models, we can’t rely on the forget-post-exam policy. Instead, the approach needs to be more holistic, and the very understanding of academics needs to be more comprehensive and inclusive of sports, theatre, singing, home science, and complete remission of the word extra-curricular activities. As a parent, these factors have become fundamental in choosing a school for my kid.


What Makes It Awesome?

Searching for a school that believes in interactive, participative, and integrated learning and, most importantly, extensive application of technology made fewer choices than you’d think. On a friend’s recommendation, I checked out Happy Model School, which adheres to all the principles above. With unlimited options of outdoor as well as indoor games, and facilities such as cricket turf, P.U. coated badminton coats, and Shaimak Davar dance academy situated inside the premises, it was an easy sell for me. From tailored programs, which include Public Speaking certified courses, to Community Outreach programs which include socially responsible campaigns and even olympiads and student publications combined with a diverse teaching approach, Happy Model School has made both parents and kids happy. And when I saw the change in my child, I knew I had made the right choice. Amongst the 14 clubs and nine weekly celebrations, your kid is bound to find something or the other to suit their interests, just like mine did at the Electoral Literacy Club.

It almost makes you wonder if your school had a Katha club or Creativity Club, you might have been living a different life with all that immersive knowledge and experience. Another exciting thing I liked about my kid’s school is their assessment system based on Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligent Theory. This theory places equal attention on individuals who show gifts in the other types of intelligence like the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs, and others who enrich the world in which we live. With the satisfaction of knowing that my kid is on a learning path and growing not just academically, it gives me immense pleasure. What more could a parent want?

Here is where champions are produced. Happy Model School is a senior, less important co-educational school founded in 1976, recognized by the Directorate of Education of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and connected with CBSE.


Every child carries hidden within them the possibility of the most excellent consciousness. Education is about exploring endless creativity in ourselves and others. Bringing joy into children’s lives and awakening respect and concern for all living creatures are the ultimate goals of an enlightened society. Hence, the world we build for our children should be full of innumerable possibilities.


We empower our children to achieve their inherent greatness. We help them gain a sense of inner confidence, courage, strength, and life skills to surmount whatever life presents successfully. Experienced and Qualified Facilitators :

Continuous Professional Development Programmes for facilitators are integral to innovation in teaching and learning dynamics. Effective Parental Engagement Program :

Frequent Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs)

Regular workshops for parents

Engaging parents in their children’s learning through interactive activity sessions School is the place that provides nourishment for the spirit and a sense of self, which helps a child express their most profound potential. So let’s facilitate our children’s journey of self-discovery through the beautiful learning process.



  • The school has been designated as a CTET and NEET center, and
  • The tests were effectively administered by the school using COVID SOP.
  • The school administration has also extended their cooperation to the local community.
  • administration in all matters as and when required to meet social and economic needs
  • responsibilities in state affairs
  • To instill benevolent societal ideals in our children, the
  • The school promotes them by providing funding for Girl Child Education.
  • Drive for Cleanliness, Namami Gange Project, Plantation Drive, Education
  • Of Privileged Children, etc.
  • Our school has been placed at the top of the list of schools providing children education.
  • Categorized as Privileged Children (RTE).
  • The administration directed that school vehicles be deployed to assist.
  • The migrant laborers arrive safely at their destination.


Please research and make an intelligent decision as I did with Happy Model School!

(The article has been written in discussion with parents whose kids are studying at Happy Model School)

Please research and make an intelligent decision as I did with Happy Model School! (The article has been written in discussion with parents whose kids are studying.

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