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How does the age of the father affect the health of the unborn child?

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The biological clock, which is inexorably ticking, frightens women. However, men do not remain “forever young” either. A study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that age has a significant impact on a man’s reproductive function. So, it was found that men over 40 experience difficulty conceiving more often than younger ones. In addition, older fathers often give birth to child with health problems.

Until what age can men have children?

Strictly speaking, men do not have menopause, so a man is able to become a father until old age. It’s in theory. But what about in real life? Andrologists – specialists in men’s health – agree that the optimal reproductive age of a man is up to 35 years. After that, changes begin to occur in the male reproductive system: for example, the production of testosterone, the main male hormone, decreases, the quality of sperm becomes worse, the number of spermatozoa with an irregular structure increases (by 4% every year), more and more spermatozoa contain damaged genetic material.

In addition, other factors affect male fertility:

  • Chronic diseases.
  • Bad habits.
  • Accumulated fatigue.
  • Unfavorable ecological situation.
  • Frequent stress.
  • Wrong nutrition.

All this contributes to an increase in the amount of free radicals in the body, which damage spermatozoa and cause breaks in their DNA. If such a sperm fertilizes an egg, then either the fetus is rejected by the body due to genetic abnormalities (early miscarriage), or a child is born with congenital diseases.

However, at 40 and even at 50, a man can become the father of a healthy child. To do this, it is necessary to consciously and responsibly plan conception and minimize potential risks that relate to the health of the child.

Why is an old parenthood dangerous?

Researchers from Stanford University have shown that the age of a man affects not only the health of the child, but also the course of pregnancy, even if the expectant mother is younger than the partner.

Age-related parenthood or motherhood (one of the partners is over 35 years old) increases the risk of the following problems:

  • Miscarriage. Natural termination of pregnancy occurs due to genetic failures in the development program of the embryo.
  • Gestational diabetes. This is the name of the violation of the absorption of glucose in pregnant women, which is manifested by edema, constant thirst, increased fatigue.
  • Preeclampsia, eclampsia is a condition in which a woman has a strong increase in pressure. It is dangerous for the life of both the expectant mother and the child.

The latter two conditions are also believed to be related to male genetic material, as they arise due to problems with the development of the placenta, in the formation of which both female and male DNA are involved.

As we have already noted, with age, the quality of sperm deteriorates in a man. This not only reduces the likelihood of conception, but can also cause serious health problems for the child, such as genetic diseases, heart disease, low body weight, high risk of seizures, mental and nervous system disorders (for example, autism or schizophrenia).

How to prolong reproductive youth?

In order for a child to be born healthy, future fathers over the age of 40 are recommended the following actions in preparation for conception:

  • Take antioxidants. They destroy free radicals, improve sperm quality, reduce pure spermatozoa with damaged genetic material, improve erection. For example, the Sinergin complex has proven itself well (you can learn more about the product here).
  • Pass an examination. It is necessary to pass tests for urogenital infections, a smear for pathogenic microflora. When they are identified, the doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.
  • To live an active lifestyle. However, keep in mind that the loads should be moderate. The fact is that high loads are stress for the body, which negatively affects reproductive function. It is also important to say here that you need to get enough rest and relax your nervous system. To do this, you can play sports or try online entertainment, for example,
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol about three months before conception.
  • Enrich your diet with protein. Foods high in carbohydrates should be avoided.
  • Observe the regime of work and rest. Relax more – walk in the fresh air, do things that bring pleasure more often.

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