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Why Get a Bespoke Suit?

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Why get a bespoke suit? – Bespoke reserved for a wealthy elite. But, if you too want to taste the extreme elegance of a suit adapted to your morphology, it is possible. Today, brands and tailors compete in ingenuity to meet the growing demand for made-to-measure accessible to all men, even at home.

A costume adapted to your morphology

Creating a tailor-made suit is inseparable from an optimal measurement of your body. Depending on your waist circumference, the width of your shoulders, the length of your legs and your arms, among other measures, the tailor will be able to determine the values ​​that will make the frame of your jacket. For extreme elegance at work, for a wedding, for a formal evening, a made-to-measure suit will entirely and perfectly fit your silhouette and will best enhance your morphology.

In addition to playing on aesthetics, custom-made also ensures optimal comfort. By adapting to your morphology and your physical particularities, your costume will adapt to each of your movements. So during the fittings, don’t be afraid to move and adjust your daily postures to ensure you don’t feel any discomfort and allow the tailor to change the cut.

The design of a bespoke suit can also be a shirt to your figure. For winter, you will also have the possibility of pushing elegance to the extreme by offering yourself a made-to-measure coat: overcoat, pea coat, trench coat, everything is possible.

The expression of your personality

Using a tailor to make a suit is also an opportunity to fully express your personality and compose a case that suits you. The basis of a good costume is the choice of a suitable fabric, so don’t skimp on this step. Ask to see samples, touch, and observe the materials that your tailor offers you under different lights to find the one that will suit you best.

The choice of material and its colour will strongly contribute to the charm of your costume.

For weddings, if you choose a particular theme, the personalization of the costume will also represent a big plus since you will have the possibility of choosing your outfit down to the smallest detail.

The tailor-made suit at home – Bespoke Suit

Inevitably, the realization of a tailor-made suit will require more time. If you do not take the opportunity to go to a tailor, know that some brands offer home services a “Tailor Truck”, which moves by appointment if you wish to have access, from home to products quality and expert advice in costume design.

This type of service also has the advantage of being very versatile and can even be done at your workplace if it lends itself to this kind of thing. The “Tailor Truck” is wholly designed and fitted out like a tailor’s shop and has a space dedicated to taking measurements and trying on your costume.

How to choose suit pants?

Men often attach great importance to the choice of their suit jacket and shirt. And for a good reason, they are the ones who will highlight the width of their shoulder and their bust. However, the choice of suit pants is also critical since choosing them can break all the harmony of your silhouette. Here are tips for selecting the fitting suit pants.

  • How to choose your suit pants?
  • The different types of suit pants
  • Possible alterations on pants

How to choose the fitting suit pants?

  • To choose your suit pants, you must take care of 3 points:
  • leg length,
  • crotch and bottom,
  • he did.

The leg length – Bespoke Suit

The length of the leg is also essential to create a harmonious silhouette. If your pants are too long, they will come in multiple folds and make you look shorter than you are. Good pants should fall straight and form only one crease over the shoe.

Small subtlety, suit pants for men are increasingly found with a shorter leg length, revealing the ankle. You can opt for this type of pants for an elegant and casual outfit, but for a formal event, choose a classic length that you can find in particular at Brice.

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