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Valentine’s Day: Choose The Stone You Need

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Best Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and for lovers, this Day is an opportunity to please their companion or partner. Jewellery is trendy on this occasion, although the choice of material or stone can become a real headache.

Fortunately, lithotherapy offers you a variety of options depending on the virtues of each stone. Therefore, if you wonder stone to choose for your lover, here is a series of valuable tips for a wise choice according to his personality.

1. Stones in Lithotherapy: Source of Well-Being

Stones in lithotherapy are natural gems with healing properties thanks to the energy they release. Thus, nearby, they relieve specific ailments and are a source of well-being both mentally and physically.

Generally, to benefit from the powers of these stones, it is recommended to put them in contact with the skin. It is for this reason that wearing them as jewellery. For a man, the ring is an excellent gift option. Therefore, for your lover, you can find a stone ring for men whose virtues will benefit him. Already, it is essential to know the areas of integrity associated with each colour.

2. What Colour should you Choose for your Stone Ring?

Before choosing the stone that best suits your partner, knowing the different colors and their field of action is essential; blue or purple-coloured rocks, for example, will allow your partner to the spiritual world. They reflect intuition or feelings. Best Valentine’s Day.

Yellow coloured stones allow you to get in touch with the outside world and also connect to emotions. Orange or red coloured stones restore vitality and energy. They also guarantee an excellent circulation of fluids inside the body.

Green coloured stones act on the affective and sentimental sides. They allow you to better channel the energies of love and have more control in your love life. Finally, black-coloured stones relate to the earth. These stones are for someone who wishes to develop perfect control of their body and better anchor themselves in nature. They also make it possible to have an excellent command of all that relates to material life.

3. Which Stone to Choose According to the Personality of your Partner?

It is essential not to choose randomly. Depending on your companion’s personality, some stones will have a beneficial effect while others will not. For example, some rocks can impact his character by helping him become more serene and more confident. Anyway, each stone has its properties. Among the stones that channel negative energies, we can notably mention labradorite, moonstone, lapis lazuli, jade.


This stone helps to strengthen intuition. By wearing it, you better understand your deepest aspirations and achieve them. Labradorite also has regenerative power. It allows reinflating the energies when it is in contact with the skin.

Moonstone – Best Valentine’s Day

This semi-precious stone, whose energy is rather feminine, can also to a man who wants to develop his feminine side or a man whose masculinity is too exacerbated.

Lapis Lazuli

It is beneficial for those seeking internal tranquillity. It is a stone that gives self-confidence and intervenes in romantic and friendly relationships by harmonizing the energies between partners.

The Jade Stone

Very well known, jade brings good luck, fulfilment and longevity. It can soothe and channel. You can also opt for turquoise. The latter makes it possible to relieve stress in the face of worrying situations of daily life. It helps to be positive, control your emotions, and make room for creativity.

4.The other Categories of Stones to Reject Harmful Waves

In this category of rocks, we can mention black agate, tiger’s eye, onyx, garnet, peridot.

Black agate and Tiger’s Eye

The first stone balances the emotions and strengthens self-confidence. It is an anchor stone that helps strengthen ties and push bad vibes away from oneself. As for the second, it protects against all negative energy and makes you more confident.

Onyx and Garnet

Onyx is a stone that derives directly from black agate. It has the same properties as the latter. The advantage of having onyx on your finger is that it increases your will and makes you more persevering. It also boosts self-confidence and concentration.

Garnet gives you the courage to overcome specific difficulties. For example, its very positive energy helps to act and rebuild after losing a loved one. In addition, a volcanic lava stone can also be helpful in this kind of situation. It calms all anxieties and helps in detachment. So if your companion is struggling to close a page in his life or manage a loss, you can offer him a ring with one of these stones.


Peridot is a stone that allows you to reject all negative thoughts. It is very positive; it promotes eloquence and strengthens ties with other people, whether friendship or love. Offering a semi-precious stone jewel for Valentine’s Day is an original choice.

The latter has various virtues that can constitute a real source of well-being for your companion beyond their symbolism and aesthetics. For that, you will have to consider your choice of his personality, character, qualities, and weaknesses to offer him a handy gift.