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Wholemeal Bread: How To Integrate It Into a Slimming Diet?

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Best Wholemeal Bread

We regularly hear that eating bread makes you fat. So there is no question of including it in our diet menus. And yet! If consumed reasonably, wholemeal bread can become one of our slimming allies.

1. What are Best Wholemeal Bread?

Wholemeal pieces of bread. Whole wheat flour. The latter contains all the elements of the grain: the germ (the inner layer), the endosperm (the middle layer) and the bran (the outer layer). Unlike white bread, brown bread, therefore, retains all the nutrients of the germ and bran.

2. What Nutritional Differences with white Bread?

Wholemeal bread and white bread have roughly the same calories: 270 per 100 g.

If it contains more carbohydrates (54 g against 49 g), wholemeal bread is richer in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, essential in a weight loss program.

By consuming wholemeal bread with a higher magnesium content, you can avoid succumbing to sweet snacking, which is one of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Thanks to ally play on morale, you put all the chances on your side to stay the course until the end regime.

Wholemeal bread also contains more vitamin B12, which improves metabolism and promotes weight loss, and more vitamin C, which facilitates the elimination of fat cells.

Finally, the fibres and proteins in brown bread remain stowed as fats than carbohydrates, present in more significant numbers. They also lead to a feeling of fullness more quickly and can help increase our metabolism.

3. What Foods to Replace with Best Wholemeal Bread?

Wholemeal bread fits perfectly into the National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS), which recommends consuming more complex carbohydrates and fibre, as part of a varied and balanced diet to reduce obesity and overweight in the population.

As such, it may be interesting to favour brown bread rather than white cereals and, for pure pleasure. Also, be consumed instead of other foods with similar nutritional qualities.

Why not replace a few slices of wholemeal bread, white cereals, and caloric, which promote fat storage? The case for white pasta, white rice, quick-cooking rice, white semolina, pizza dough, and especially breakfast cereals, cakes and industrial pastries.

Wholemeal bread can also be eaten at different meals, instead of other carbohydrates. Provided you respect an equivalent number of calories. For example, a few slices of brown bread will advantageously replace tubers (potato, sweet potato, yam, cassava, etc.), whole grains (whole wheat, whole-wheat pasta, whole oats, brown rice, etc.), pseudo-cereals ( quinoa, buckwheat), as well as legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, soy).

4. What Meals do you Include it End?

Organic is a healthy and dietary food that can regularly be if you follow a varied and balanced diet. Nevertheless, in a weight loss program. It is advisable to favour the consumption of complex carbohydrates, which are more challenging to break down.

Which will increase the metabolism at certain essential meals, such as breakfast, lunch or even a snack. In addition, certain carbohydrates, such as those from legumes, are more appropriate for the evening meal as part of a slimming dinner.

To replace the corn flakes for breakfast, head for bread slices with cheese spread, low in fat! For lunch, bruschettas of with vegetables will dethrone the traditional pizza, while at tea time, the apple-cinnamon toast will do wonders in place of industrial biscuits.

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