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Child Development write for usChild Development Write for us: Child development refers to the sequence of physical, linguistic, mental, and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth through early adulthood. During this process, a child moves from being dependent on their parents/guardians to become more independent. Child development is strongly influenced by genetic factors (genes passed on from parents) and prenatal life events, and it is also influenced by environmental factors and the child’s learning ability.

Child development can be actively promoted through targeted therapeutic interventions and “just right” home exercises recommended by occupational and speech therapists.

What is involved in child development?

  • Child development encompasses all of the skills a child learns throughout life, including growth in:
  • Cognition – the ability to learn and solve problems
  • Social Interaction and Emotional Regulation – Interacting with others and mastering self-control
  • Speaking and language – understanding and using language, reading and communicating
  • Physical Skills – Fine Motor (fingers) and Gross Motor (whole-body)
  • Sensory perception – the recording of sensory information about usage

Why is child development important?

Observing and monitoring child development is important to ensure that children reach developmental milestones. Developmental milestones (a “loose” list of developmental skills that all children are supposed to learn at about the same time but are far from exact) serve as a guide to ideal development.

Comparing a child’s developmental progress at specific age markers to these arbitrary time frames allows for a ‘check’ to ensure that the child is approximately ‘on track for their age. If not, this review of developmental milestones can help identify any developmental setbacks early on. This ‘verification’ is usually carried out by maternal and child services and paediatricians when infants and toddlers, and later through competency assessments for the preschool and school years.

Recognizing developmental problems as early as possible (and providing early intervention treatment, if necessary) can help minimize the impact these developmental disabilities can have on a child’s skill development and, thus, on a child’s self-confidence or serve as an indicator of a possible future diagnosis.

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