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How to Choose a Down Jacket For Men?

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How to choose a down jacket for men? – Essential for winter, the down jacket comes out every year to keep us warm when the temperatures are cold. To help you find the model you need, we give you some tips for choosing the right down jacket for men.

  • What is a down jacket?
  • How to choose a down jacket for men?
  • Choose the insulation of your down jacket
  • Choose the outer fabric
  • The partitioning of his down jacket
  • Choose your down jacket according to your style
  • The little story of the down jacket

What is a down jacket?

A down jacket is a jacket stuffed with down and duck or goose feathers, at least initially. But, like all jackets, it has a shortcut, stopping at mid-buttocks. If the duck feather was the insulating material par excellence initially, today, we mainly find synthetic padding, the jacket retaining the original quilted effect.

How to choose a down jacket for men?

To a down cover, the essential element is insulation. The first choice will therefore be between natural and synthetic. Then comes the criterion of breathability (depending on the material), the choice of style within particular the style of partitioning, the presence of a hood, pockets, and course, the choice of size.

Choose a down jacket according to its padding

The main selection criterion, the insulation of a down jacket, is defined by its padding. You can find two types: natural down padding or synthetic material. It is also possible to find a down jacket that combines the two in some cases.

Natural down and feather padding – Down Jacket For Men

Down is a classic material in the design of down jackets. A natural material derived from goose or duck, it has the enormous advantage of being very insulating thanks to its ability to store air but intensely fears humidity. Thus, the more a down inflates with air, the warmer it will be. This ability to swell in coin. It that a:
average quality down is between 400 and 500 coins,
good quality down is between 600 and 700 currency,
beyond 800, we are dealing with an excellent quality duvet.
But that’s not all; to know the healing power of a down jacket, you have to calculate its heat index. You can get it by multiplying the coin by the amount of down. We therefore obtain:

  • Heat index = in x amount of down
  • Just like the coin, the amount of down can:
  • light down jacket: 90 to 150 g of down,
  • winter down jacket: 200 to 300 g of down,
  • extreme cold down jacket: 400 to 500 g of down.

In addition to playing on the heat index, the amount of down will influence the lightness of the down jacket.

That said, know that the down is rarely alone in a down jacket and that it with feathers that stabilizes the down jacket. A minimum is a 70/30 distribution, but you can also find down jackets with 95% down in the very high-end range.

The synthetic padding – Down Jacket For Men

For the most part, you can also find down jackets with polyester filament padding that will imitate the swelling property of down without succeeding in 100% imitating its insulating capacities. The insulating capacity of synthetic padding will depend in part on its weight :

  • light down jacket: 40g/m² to 80g/m²
  • warm down jacket: 80g/m² to 120g/m²

At the same time, the synthetic will also influence the warmth of your down jacket. You can find the brands:

  • Originalo, which declines its range in:
  • PrimaLoft One
  • PrimaLoft Sport
  • Originalo Eco
  • Polartec
  • Climashield
  • core loft

How to choose a hot down Jacket?

To choose a hot down jacket, you must select a model with a high heat index calculated by multiplying the coin and the amount of down. For example, if you choose a synthetic down jacket, select a model with a weight close to 120g/m².

How to choose a lightweight down Jacket?

To choose a light jacket, you can opt model quantity of between 90 and 150g and a coin of 400 to 500 if you opt for synthetic; padding of 40g/m² to 80g/m² recommended if you want a light down jacket.

In summary, on padding, there is no right or wrong answer. Down and synthetic both have advantages and disadvantages. So what we advise you is to opt for the natural in winter if it is freezing and dry and for the artificial if the temperatures are mild and the weather is humid.