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Choose a Perfume For Men

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Choose a Perfume For Men 

Offering a perfume is no easy task, especially when you don’t master the field. And even less when you choose it for a man! If we can let ourselves by intuition for a woman, it can be more challenging to find a perfume for her father, spouse, brother or friend.

First, discover the leading olfactory families traditionally associated with men; then, I will bring you some elements likely to help you choose the ideal masculine fragrance.

The Leading Male Olfactory Families

The aromatic and citrus family

As its name suggests, the first male olfactory family gives pride to aromatic herbs such as sage, lavender, thyme and rosemary. A person who puts forward his virility will appreciate the oceanic smells (aquatic aromatic). Nevertheless, I recommend more the aromatic subfamily of herbaceous for a lighter perfume.

From lavender eau de cologne to the bewitching black lemon Eau de from the 86 Champs collection, L’OCCITANE can help you choose an exceptional fragrance for men.

We find perfumes essentially made of lemon, mandarin, orange, and other citrus notes in this family. These original compositions give light and fresh scents adapted to summer periods.

The Asian and Woody Family – Perfume For Men

As a man, I am more fond of spices, amber, resins or even exotic woods, in short, the precious substances found in the family of oriental scents. Consequently, I have already set my sights on the oriental-spicy sub-family, which has the advantage of holding up over time.

Opulence and warmth are the watchwords of the creations of the woody family, where vetiver, patchouli, birch and even sandalwood are mainly present. Les Baux de L’OCCITANE eau de toilette falls squarely into this category.

Among the woody fragrances, you are free to decide according to the predominant aromatic notes and your style. The combination of patchouli, tangerine fragrances and woody notes fully suits a chic man.

Perfume For Men According to Age

If the products for teenagers do not have the same composition as their counterparts for adults, they are not devoid of character, far from it! I recommend the famous fern family or lavender-based fragrances for those who accommodate their growing character.

The Perfumes of Young Adults And Thirtysomethings

They are dynamic, carefree, crunch life to the fullest and their scents are in tune with these character traits. There is no ultimate choice, but the refreshing scents arouse the curiosity of students and young professionals.

More assertive, thirtysomethings let themselves be seduced by other fragrances, in this case, products with a strong personality, like the formulas with spicy and airy notes.

The perfumes of forties and fifties

The perfumes people appreciate in their forties can already be recognized by their packaging. The latter is more mature and express the desire for the seduction of men of this age. They are also fragrances that command respect and reinforce the charisma of their wearers.

I invite them to move towards perfumes with fruity contrasts and towards dynamic and fresh accords that appeal to their younger siblings. Fifty-somethings succumb to the noble ingredients. In my opinion, the combination of potent spices and sparkling freshness is a proposition that cannot disappoint them!

Fragrances for 60 and over

What about slightly older men and seniors? The great classics of perfumery by people who are less charmed by the latest creations to appear on the market. Eau de Cologne and other floral waters will seduce them. As for 70-year-old men, for example, we fall in love with fragrances that allow us to immerse ourselves in memories.

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