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Different Styles Of Dresses To Keep You Looking Flawless

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Different Styles – prints, dresses are an essential garment in the women’s wardrobe for the night and during the day. And why are they a must-have? Simple – they are very comfortable, feminine and perfect for achieving a casual look that goes well on any occasion.

Gone are the days of elegant dresses and strict rules that required us to dress in a certain way. Instead, today the options are very varied, with different styles. For example, you don’t have to wear heels to look great. It is precise because of trends such as sporty chic that we owe it that dresses have become more casual garments.

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Different Styles – Choose Your Style

Today’s casual dresses do not follow a specific and rigid dress code. They are versatile and allow you to be presentable and attractive simultaneously. Multiple cuts, different styles, and types of dresses fit each woman’s taste. These are the most important:

Short Dresses

Mini dresses are garments generally fitted or semi-fitted silhouettes and straight cuts whose length reaches mid-thigh. There are three-quarter sleeves, long sleeves, or without, and different materials. It is perhaps the most common type of dress; it goes well with everything and provides comfort.

With Prints – Different Styles

It is one of the freshest and most uncomplicated different styles, which will undoubtedly bring joy to your outfit. The length of your dress does not matter, but it does have a vibrant print that makes you shine. Although flowers and polka dots are a classic, we recommend you to take a look at models that include animal print prints in neon tones, patterns with geometric shapes. You will achieve a very youthful look.

Asymmetrical Cut

It is characterized by not having a symmetrical or defined structure, but it breaks the lines of the body. In this cut, the proportions of the silhouette play with both in sleeves, straps, and the length of the skirt. Asymmetrical dresses have been the darlings of girls in recent seasons precisely because of their ability to give everyone a plus of sophistication. Something as simple as a ruffle or asymmetric sleeve that falls and exposes your shoulder will be the key to a spectacular look.

Shirt Dresses

As its name indicates, the shirt dress or shirt type is a dress that emulates the structure of men’s shirts in terms of sleeves, front buttons and the same type of collar. This dress is straight, in one piece and with a simple cut. Like the shirts, it is buttoned at the front and can be completely open or not, and sometimes it is accompanied by ribbons tied around it, simulating a belt. This type of dress is very flattering since, thanks to its silhouette, it looks good on all women.

Tunic Dress – Different Styles

The Tunic dress – also known as the dress bag – presents a cut similar to the straight and short skirt, being a rectangular shape that falls without marking shapes -so don’t expect to show off pronounced curves. Their length can vary; some go to the knees and others to the ankles. It is a versatile cut that works perfectly on any body type.

Tube Cut – Different Styles

This dress is very tight to the body, and its length reaches just below the knees or mid-calf. Its cut highlights the female figure, making it ideal for those thin women who want to look more voluptuous and give their outfit a touch of sensuality. This cut is perfect to wear in flat tones with a leather jacket and your favorite sneakers.

Cut A

This type of dress has a clear structure with a triangular shape, in which the silhouette can widen at the height of the hips , giving an encompassed or “A” look to the shape of the garment. Depending on the fabric, the design can be used during the day as part of an informal look.

Combine Your Different Styles Like A Pro

Many women love to wear dresses, so we care about looking impeccable and fashionable. But unfortunately, there are small details that we hardly consider but that can undoubtedly make any look lose its charm.

You need to recognize your body type and those most flattering parts that you would like to highlight with a dress. Let’s see then how to create attractive, chic and very youthful looks with casual attire in your day to day, without clashing.

Check The Ideal Size

Nothing more uncomfortable than walking down the street wearing a super tight dress that you feel like you can’t breathe and that at the slightest movement it can tear, as it also happens that it can be so short that you think that at any moment you show too much. If this happens, then you are not wearing the correct length. So always make sure you are wearing the correct size.

Dress + Sneakers – The Perfect Mix

No, it’s not crazy to combine a dress with sneakers; on the contrary, it’s a very chic look. We love this trend: it is comfortable, fresh, youthful, frees our feet from the discomfort of high heels and is an excellent alternative to traditional footwear. White sneakers go with just about anything – especially striped, neutral-toned or shirt-style dresses – which is why fashion bloggers have become a favorite. In addition, they are perfect for styling your legs if you wear short clothing.

For its part, black sneakers can be worn with dresses in flowery prints or animal prints to contrast the print and your footwear. A pair of black converse will give you many fun combination options. If you love long dresses but don’t want to give up the comfort that a couple of sneakers provides, opt for a dress with a side slit, this will give balance to your look, and you’ll be surprised how fresh and casual you can look.

Jackets And Blazers – Are The Perfect Allies

The cold days have arrived, so it is advisable to protect yourself with a jacket, blazer or jacket. The leather jackets deserve a special mention since they combine very well with the dresses. They also give you a lot of security and help stylize the upper part of your figure. Moreover, if you use a skirt in neutral colors, the contrast achieved between the gloss and the matte will be super successful. For their part, denim jackets are ideal for reducing the formality of an exquisite dress, making you look more casual, but without losing the classy style.

Accessories – The Key To The Casual Look

As in any wardrobe, accessories are essential when creating a look. Depending on the accessories we choose, they have the power to elevate a look to a sophisticated plane and subtract formality. And the choice of accessories for your dresses will largely depend on the occasion and the season of the year. If it’s winter, don’t hesitate to use handkerchiefs or scarves to complement your dresses, you’ll look chic and warm.

The use of hats and caps will be perfect to complement a casual dress on cold autumn evenings. You have to pay attention to the color and material of the garments that combine well.


Different Styles – A maxim of fashion, especially casual look, is simplicity. It Depends on the style, color, and look you’re going. Make the dress the center of attention while keeping the rest of the outfit simple. Special attention also deserves makeup and hairstyle, use simple and natural cosmetics and let your hair flow naturally without the need for extensive and stylized hairstyles. Wild waves or a braid will make you look beautiful and radiant.

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