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Best Electric Bikes – Top Three

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Best Electric Bikes 

The electric bike has experienced an unprecedented explosion since the COVID crisis. Cycle paths are springing up like mushrooms, and the public authorities have never been so interested in the subject, whether for infrastructure or purchase aid. And as a bonus, the offer of VAE or electrically assisted bicycle has never been so plethoric. They are folding, sporty, urban cargo. There’s something for everyone and almost every budget.

To help you choose, we took a look at the many electric bikes we tested. In addition to this guide, we warmly recommend that you read our article explaining how to choose the right electric bike.

But Where are my Best Electric Bikes?

If there’s one thing that’s been more challenging to find than a graphics card in recent months, it’s a bicycle (electric or not). While the bikes themselves assemble in Europe, almost all components produce in Asia. And the shortage of containers (their price went from 4,000 to 20,000 dollars in a few months) has nearly doubled delivery times.

Add to that an exploding demand, and you get a situation of shortage which often means that there is a stay of several months between ordering and receiving your new bike. So if you are interested, do not delay, especially since the prices are instead on the rise.

The Best Electric Bikes – Urban

Relatively discreet in recent years, urban bikes are experiencing a new lease of life with the explosion of electric cycles. They are light and responsive, built for speed and agile enough to navigate traffic jams easily. On the other hand, they are less comfortable and often less practical daily, with, for example, non-removable batteries.

The Best Electric Bikes – City

Iweech (2021)

Designed by Marseilles from Bellatrix, the week is an electric bike made for the city. It remains equipped with 24-inch wheels that make it remarkably manageable. Add to that a narrow handlebar and a compact frame, and you have a perfect machine for weaving through traffic. More surprisingly, the pedals and handlebars can be folded, facilitating storage in an apartment.

The rest of the equipment is of high quality, with Ergon grips, mudguards, and a powerful integrated lamp. Contrary to the current trend, the cockpit is very refined, even dispensing with a screen. The app controls intelligent functions. Beyond the classic statistics, there is a GPS security system and an alarm triggered in the event of the bike’s movement.

With 90 Nm provided by the engine, the torque is formidable, and the machine is very responsive. An intelligent control mode recognizes frequent journeys and adapts the assistance according to difficulties, such as a hill.

Moreover, it is useful when the battery is running out. The announced autonomy is 70 km, even if, in practice, we instead held around 55 km, with aggressive driving and a slight daily loss of energy with standby mode (and not by turning off the bike).

Faster Than His Shadow

Cowboy 3

Launched by the fiery “  Take It Easy  ”creators, Cowboy has successfully carved out its little way and unsheathed the third version of its electric bike in 2020. Once again, the design is elegant, Cowboy managing to integrate the battery into the frame while leaving it removable.

In terms of transmission, there is a carbon belt, a more reliable solution than a traditional chain and, above all, less messy. We have seen more effective, but it will suffice for daily use.

Connected electric bike, the Cowboy 3 offers an application providing statistics and an anti-theft system alerting you in case of movement of the bike. However, you will have to pay 8 euros per month for this service.

In use, the bike proves to be aggressive, with powerful and smooth acceleration. In terms of endurance, we reach the promised 70 km without worry. Very pleasant to drive and well finished, the Cowboy 3 is a reference in the field. Too bad, however, that some essential accessories are optional.

The Featherweight

Canyon Road lite – On Al 7.0

Most electric bikes take advantage of the power provided by their motor to gain weight, to the point that they often easily exceed 20 kg. This Road lite takes the opposite path, with only 15.5 kg on the scale. Canyon used a carbon fork and a very compact motor to achieve this goal. No complex screen here: a knob allows you to choose between 3 assistance modes, and that’s it.

In use, it is a very sporty and rigid VAE. However, if the performances are at the rendezvous, the comfort is, on the other hand, a little less direct counterpart to the rigidity of the frame. Its Gravel tires and MTB transmission allow it to get off the road without worrying about trying its hand at trails or in the forest.

The minimalist approach continues with the equipment since it has no lights, mudguards or other kickstands. Cayon, therefore, delivers a little racing beast that will appeal more to speed enthusiasts than bikers looking for comfort.

What Is The Accurate Power For An Electric Bike?

Pedelecs must have a maximum power of 250 Watts, corresponding to a top speed of 25 km/h. Provisions similar to French legislation. It is necessary to respect the rules of mopeds, namely registration, a mirror, insurance and appropriate protection.


Best electric bikes – An electric bike or e-bike is a traditional bicycle. Still, this one has a rechargeable battery and a motor to help you move around and reduce your effort when pedalling. An electric bike, there is one for all cycling enthusiasts. There are many models for a walk on the streets, mountains, or going to work.

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