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Fashion Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Fashion gift ideas for Christmas – The countdown begins. Christmas is fast impending, and like every year, we rack our brains to find out what gift to give to our loved ones. So if you are looking for beautiful fashion pieces to offer a man at Christmas, we have prepared a selection of our favourites for this year.

What men’s fashion gifts to give at Christmas? 

We have concocted a look at the different favourite pieces to offer you the best selection. From head to toe, we offer you ideas for men’s fashion gifts to offer at Christmas.

1. Coat Gift Idea for Men – Fashion Gift Ideas

Like every winter, we focus on coats and jackets for men to offer at Christmas or for any other occasion. Again, we have selected style, quality and innovation.

To face the low temperatures, we decided to be well equipped. Few brands offer parkas that are stylish, warm, comfortable, and high quality. So, it was not easy to find the one that suited us best. It was at Nobis that we found our favourite this winter.

The model we fell in love with is the navy Shelby parka. Yes, Shelby, as in the Peaky Blinders, that may have inspired us!

This brand, with Canadian heritage, offers a rare quality of parkas and coats. They are hot, thanks in particular to the Sympatex technological membrane. Waterproof, keeping you dry is guaranteed and helps avoid the cold sensations associated with humidity. They are also entirely wind-resistant despite optimal ventilation. The composition of 90% Canadian white duck feathers and 10% feathers provides effective and long-lasting warmth.

In short, you will have unspoken it; we are on an authentic parka with an elegant and sophisticated style that has a specific price. But a price quite justified given the quality and Nobis technology. It’s a gift that will last and impress the person you provide it.

2. Men’s Fashion Clothing Gifts

Here are essential pieces for any man, whatever his style. Each garment will find its place in a casual, elegant, sophisticated look according to the tastes and styles. You won’t hit any wrong notes!

3. Casual-chic Fyu shirt, made in France – Fashion Gift Ideas

Not easy to find a shirt in which you feel good. Often, we have the feeling of being cramped, tight and suddenly, not at all comfortable. We discovered and talked to you this fall about the Fyu brand, which offers casual, top-of-the-range and ultra-comfortable shirts.

Chose the Montmartre shirt; I like its speckled style and fine and delicate collar. I admit to wearing it quickly and regularly, so it seemed obvious to me to put it in my selection of men’s fashion gift ideas for Christmas.

I’m even thinking of giving it to my brother-in-law (someone to whom I never know what to share because I’m not very much of a shirt, so I’m sure I’ll manage to convince him to wear it more often with this one. He will feel totally at ease because they are in brushed cotton (and no, they scratch!), chipped fabric, quality materials to sum up. In addition, the shirts are made in France, in Laval, more precisely. The little extra: delivery in 48 hours!

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