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Men’s Grooming – The Growing Market And Trends

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The male grooming market is booming, opening new spaces for brands to experiment with new products and storytelling possibilities. Through a creation that uses an onion as a beard growth accelerator, this article emphasizes the need for beauty and personal care. The male grooming market is now completely separate from the female beauty sector. So, it is essential today to address the needs of men with updated strategies.

What Men Want – The Male Grooming Market Today

The male grooming market is booming and maturing all over the world. It means that more and more men are using beauty products and becoming more aware of their needs. It indicates that 74% of male customers aged 20-39 say they have a high level of interest in personal grooming. Contrastingly, 45% say they use different products based on changes in weather.

At the same time, grooming is now a daily need.  South Korean consumers say it is essential for men to use beauty or grooming products daily.

New product launches have remained constant to meet the growing demand for men’s grooming. Recent years have seen a spike in creativity from brands to reach consumers. Men’s beauty products. Some examples are clean male grooming products, male hair inhibitors and hair loss products, and new products designed to address issues caused by mask-wearing (e.g. hydration that targets acne caused by wearing the mask).

Beard Care – What Trends To Follow To Succeed?

Beard grooming is a male beauty trend that has seen particular growth in recent years, especially in Western markets, as beard trends have gone hand in hand with male self-care narratives.

To develop effective beard care products, brands need to listen to broader trends in the expanding male grooming market

The Self-Care Movement

Men are progressively interested in taking care of themselves, a trend that relates to physical and mental well-being. Beauty and personal care products consider the fact that the population is increasingly stressed and that they need de-stressing routines by offering products that integrate into routines and personal care rituals.

Preference For Naturalness

Natural and organic claims are growing in the men’s grooming market – Claims associated with sustainability are increasing in the men’s grooming market. According to Mintel, natural and sustainable claims show the most significant growth in product launches in Europe and North America when comparing numbers from 2015-16 to 2019-20.

Convenience And Efficiency

Effective beard grooming products need to consider how the male grooming market especially values ​​efficiency and convenience. For example, in Brazil, 36% of men devote less than five minutes a day to their beauty routine (compared to 18% of women). Likewise, in the United States, 32% of men who use personal care products agree that they don’t spend much time looking after themselves. Furthermore, post-COVID-19, this trend also aligns with a growing interest in scientific evidence, health and safety.

Thus, beard grooming products need to be suitable (including “all-in-one” formulas) and build narratives of efficacy to stand out and appeal to this specific male grooming need.

Another change in conveniency was brought up by the COVID pandemic, the emergence of the Mobile barber job. For a reasonable price your can have your beard groomed or your hair styled at home, by these beauty professionals who will come to you and avoid you to go to the barbershop.

Beards During COVID-19 – Face masks have had a significant impact on the beauty and personal care products market. The male grooming and beard care products market has been no exception. While it’s true that some consumers have given up on beards due to the need to wear face masks. However, others have continued to wear them. Therefore, the latter needs specific products focused on the possible repercussions of wearing.

Onion, Beard Growth Accelerator And Anti-Irritant – The Natural Extract To Conquer The Beard Care Market

Onion Extract presented the perfect solution for beard care products in 2021. This water-soluble extract harnesses the natural power of onion for beard growth and has additional benefits that will appeal to consumers men today.

Among its main benefits, there are at least three that cater to new and old male sensitivities

Stimulation Of Hair Growth

Growing a full, thick beard is a top priority for those who sport a beard. This extract reinforces the natural powers of the onion: it is a real beard growth accelerator. In a control group, hair regrowth was observed in 73.9%, and after six weeks, hair regrowth was observed in 86.9% of patients and was significantly higher in men (93.7%) than women (71.4%).

Antimicrobial And Antiseptic

New health considerations, this extract amplifies the antimicrobial activity of onion, activated by the sulfur compounds of this plant, its proteins, saponins, and phenolic compounds.

Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Irritation

The benefits of this onion extract can address the concerns of bearded men about skin irritation. Nine thiosulfates and four terpenes isolated from onions and synthesized by them showed marked inhibitory effects on cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase, two enzymes involved in inflammatory processes.

Thus, targeting the growing interest in natural, effective and anti-irritation beard care products. Onion extract will appeal to male consumers concerned about the health of their skin. By using the correct self-care stories and promoting routines and rituals for bearded men. It can pave the way for innovative product launches in an ever-competitive yet growing market.


Men’s grooming is the new trend in the marketing category. Men are more interested in grooming than ever. It provides people in business with a perfect platform for marketing.