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Hero Splendor – Owning Market For The Generations

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Hero Splendor – There was a time in the automotive industry of India when bicycles were reserved for those with a lot of money to spend. People preferred scooters to get to work. And then the Hero Honda came along in all its glory and the scene changed. People had the opportunity to leave the bulky scooters at home and enjoy the bike ride. And to this day, the Hero Splendor is a bike that a middle-class man can easily afford. Let’s take a look at the history of the bike that would have made it a dream come true for many bike enthusiasts.

1994 – India Gets The Hero Honda Splendor

We all remember Hero MotoCorp. working with the Japanese automaker Honda. This collaboration gave birth to the Splendor. However, it was not the manufacturer’s first bike. It was a successor to the Hero Honda CD100. The Splendor uses the same engine as the CD100 and not much was changed design-wise either. But this bike has shifted Indian customers from scooters to bicycles. Low running costs and high fuel efficiency are the reasons this bike has been so well received.

Speaking of the engine, it is powered by an air-cooled 97.2cc four-stroke engine capable of producing a decent 7.44hp and a peak torque of 7.95Nm. It is able to achieve fuel economy of fuel over 50 kmpl. In fact, it was said at the time that it could last for weeks after a single tank of fuel. This model ran as is for about 10 years and the successful passage is still considered one of the best in the motorcycling world.

2004 – Hero Honda Splendor Plus

Ten years after its launch, the Splendor has received an upgrade. It was known as Splendor Plus and carried the slogan “Lage Aisa Family Jaisa” (meaning Splendor Plus is part of the family). The new Splendor Plus featured a multi-reflector headlight, new taillight, and was upgraded with new graphics. The spoke wheels have also been renewed. Now he had alloys for this purpose.

2005 – Super Splendor

A new, more powerful Splendor was released in 2005. It was a 125 cc ASFS (Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System) engine capable of producing 9 bhp. This new tourbillon technology was responsible for the increased fuel efficiency of an already very fuel-efficient motorcycle.

And the engine wasn’t the only upgrade the bike received. The Super Splendor was lightweight and featured a digital speedometer, alloy wheels, front disc brakes, graphics upgrades and more chrome on the engine and exhaust.

2011 – Hero Honda Splendor Pro

This should be the last Splendor in the cooperation between Hero and Honda. The joint venture was canceled in 2010, but Honda had to provide technology support to Hero until 2014 as part of the deal. This is when the Splendor Pro was launched. Under the hood there have been no changes, just kidding, in this case under the gas tank!

But one of the USPs of this bike was auto-launch. With all the major competitors adding auto-launch to their offerings, Hero also had to upgrade its Splendor series to stay behind. There were some graphic additions and alloy wheels. The Hero Honda Splendor Pro is considered one of the most stable 100cc bikes of its time.

2014 – Hero Is On Its Own!

The 25-year-old joint venture has been dissolved. Technical support has ended. what would the hero do It was about improvising, adapting and overcoming.

The Splendor has been improved. And the all-new Hero Splendor came with revolutionary i-Smart technology. This technology has enabled the Splendor to achieve fuel consumption of over 100 km/h! Yes, it’s true. The technique was that when the engine goes to idle, it shuts off and starts again as soon as the clutch is depressed. And that’s how you silence people who say, “Hero won’t survive without Honda. It was powered by the 97.2 cc air-cooled engine capable of producing 7.2 HP and over 8 Nm of torque.

But that was not all! The Splendor turned 20 in 2014, so Hero decided to launch a cafe racer version of the Splendor Pro. It was powered by a 97.2 cc engine capable of producing 8 hp. The Pro Classic featured compact handlebars, retro-style mirrors, wire wheels, chrome all around, and a retro taillight. It was also fitted with a café racer seating arrangement.

BS6 Hero Splendor Plus

Hero MotoCorp has made a major effort to improve their bikes over time. Since Splendor is a legacy, it should also benefit from the BS6 upgrade. And he had one. The BS6 compliant Hero Splendor Plus features Hero’s advanced PFi xSens Engine technology and the slogan “Barossa Hai, Samjhauta Nahi”. The power of the 97.2 cc air-cooled engine has increased from 7.2 hp to 7.9 hp. The torque generated is almost the same.

Hero Splendor may not be a high performance bike, but it never should be. It was supposed to be the most fuel efficient, and it really kept that alive. It is still one of the top selling 100cc bikes and one of the very few to be successful.


Hero is one of the most affordable and famous brand in India. In addition, the splendor is also the famous segment of Hero. Many people are happy in buying splendor because of its mileage and price. Splendor is the best bike in this segment of 100cc bikes.

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