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How to Wear Mules For Men?

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How to wear mules for men? – Men’s mules have always been perceived as indoor shoes thanks to their outstanding comfort and practicality. However, its great diversity and the different models available on the market make it an increasingly trendy shoe. This article offers you some outfit ideas to wear men’s mules with style.

  • What is a mule?
  • How to wear men’s mules?
  • Mules for men, how to choose them?

What is a Mule?

The mule is initially a shoe consisting of a sole and a single upper strap to attach it to the foot. Its name comes from the Latin malleus calceus, a shoe worn by high magistrates. Today, the term is a bit of an all-inclusive for all open-heel shoes.

Wear Mules For Men – you can thus find ” Men’s Mules ” with two upper straps like the Birkenstock. A thick tap-type strap or wholly closed on the front of the foot in a babouche style. For the latter, some will tell you, rightly, that they are not mules because they do not leave the toes visible.

How to wear men’s mules?

Ideal shoes for summer, you can wear men’s mules with shorts, jeans or chinos. For a casual outfit, opt for a simple t-shirt; if you want to be a little more dressy, you can choose light cotton or linen blend shirt perfect for the summer season.

Whatever your choice, mules are worn like sandals: without socks!

Wear mules with shorts

This outfit is the most spontaneous of all! You can wear mules as you can wear sandals and both types of shoes are perfect for the summer season. Therefore, the combination of mules with shorts and a t-shirt works perfectly during the summer months.

Wear Mules For Men – simple and effective, be sure to follow a few tips on the cut of your shorts: fitted cut, without excess material in the crotch, stopping a little above the knee. For your mules, you can choose a casual model with a cork sole that will be perfectly suited to this simple style.

If you poverty to opt for a more chic outfit, opt for chino shorts, a light linen-cotton shirt and brown leather mules.

Men’s mules with jeans

You can also wear mules with raw or faded jeans. Slim or looser fit and a simple white t-shirt if you don’t want to worry. In both cases, you can roll up the bottom of your jeans to accentuate your jeans’ casual side and proportion your silhouette a little if you opt for straight jeans.

Wear men’s mules with chinos

Essential summer pants, it makes sense to be able to wear mules with chinos. If you opt for this type of pants, anything goes! You can go casual with rolled chinos, t-shirts, and mules, or dress it up with chinos, a shirt, and leather mules.

If you dare to do it, you can even try the mules, chinos, t-shirt and blazer combination to bring the mules a little more towards the bright side of elegance.

Mules for men, how to choose them?

The material is the first element to look at when deciding to wear mules. If you want to keep a minimum of style and comfort, we advise you to choose elegant leather mules. You can opt for models with a cork sole and Birkenstock-type leather upper for more casual and comfortable outfits. You will finally be able to find rubber models that we do not recommend, except for the beach or the swimming pool.

The thickness of your sole and the contrast with the upper will also be necessary. If you opt for men’s leather mules, choose a matching and relatively thin sole. You can select a thicker sole; you will have no other choice if you decide on Birkenstock.

Finally, for the colour, choose primary colours black, dark brown or medium brown for elegant mules, khaki, beige. Light brown for more casual models.

Finally, note that even if we use the term “elegant”, the mule is part of a casual register and will have no place in formal outfits. You can incorporate. It into your every day or slightly chic casual outfits for the leather models, but nothing more dressy.

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