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Illness write for usWhat is the Illness

symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment

definition and summary

Illness is a broad term that describes the poor state of the mind, body, and, to some extent, the soul. It is the general feeling of existence sick or unwell (outside of the person’s belief in good health).

Many people use disease and illness at the same time, but there are very subtle differences. Disease refers to infection of a specific organ or the entire body due to harmful microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, injury, chemical imbalances in the body, exposure to toxins, and production of immature cells. Examples of illnesses include, but are not incomplete to, cancer, fractures, diabetes, cirrhosis, and psoriasis. The same goes for mental health problems like bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and schizophrenia.

On the other hand, illness is the body’s response to disease, and it represents fatigue, fever, muscle weakness, blurred vision, abnormal blood pressure, and rapid heart rate. However, it should note that illness, discomfort, or vomiting can occur without illness.

Another difference between a disease and a disease is their specificity. A disease base on certain factors or criteria doctors looks for when a patient comes to the clinic or hospital for an exam. A disease, on the other hand, can refer to any disease. Because it is essentially a feeling, it can vary between patients.

causes of the disease

The disease can cause by several factors, such as:

The presence of the disease: Usually, the condition occurs because the body has an underlying illness. The body responds naturally to any abnormality or threat, whether it be bacteria, a virus, or an overproduction of immature cells. But at the same time, such a reaction can make a person feel sick. A good example is allergies. An allergy develops when the immune system tries to kill the threat, releasing histamines. However, a person can also have an illness but not feel sick. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and even cancer can take months or years to progress and make a person uncomfortable.

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