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A Personal Sports Coach To Shake The Coconut Tree!

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Personal Sports Coach To Shake

After several weeks of vacation for the lucky ones, back to school is finally here!

And I’m willing to bet you didn’t just eat salads. Like me, you didn’t have to wait long before falling for grills, ice creams or aperitifs! Come on; we can say that the excesses are behind us. But you have to promise yourself! Make resolutions and don’t give up on them at the first opportunity.

I put sport aside a bit during the summer: because of my rather stressful job, my holidays and the heat of course. But now we have to put our foot back in the stirrup. So what better than to give yourself the best chance there is to get back into sport: a coach! I honestly think it’s the best option to help us recover smoothly and push us to be diligent.

I have already experienced the personal trainer a few times, especially after an injury. This guarantees to be in direct contact with a professional who will take charge of our training and give us valuable advice adapted to our morphology and practice. Sometimes the coach can also turn into a nutritionist and advise us on our diet.

1. Ownsport to Find a Coach Near You

But finding a competent coach, close to home and adapted to your needs is not easy. We all ask ourselves the same queries: Where to turn? Is he competent? Is he likeable? Does he offer training adapted to my needs? But, for a resumption of sport, muscle building, dietary advice or the practice of pilates, you will not have the exact requirements.

Well, know that we have found the assistant who will guide you. The Ownsport site allows you to find your personal sports coach in just a few clicks!

Ownsport has been quite simply the French leader in-home coaching for over ten years. You can find more than 5000 qualified coaches scattered all over France on the site. The search exactly meets our expectations mentioned above: it is possible to see all the coaches available in the area quickly.

Each is presented h a small descriptive sheet and has its page containing the details of its training, experience, and areas of preference. All coaches by students guarantee excellence (more than 97% of satisfied customers). Know that they are all holders of a License / Master in sport (STAPS) or a State Certificate.

But what about the price! The first discovery session was 38€. After that, the lesson hours; will always be at the same price, no matter where you live or what you are looking aimed.

The only variable is the number of classes you order. The more you pay at once, the more significant the reduction and the less expensive the sessions. Prices range from 50€ to 38€ per hour.

If you are more than one to participate in the course, you need to add 4€ per additional person. Significantly reduces the price of a drive. It is, therefore, better to group yourself with a few!

2. And To Top It Off, It’s Tax-Deductible!

Yes, you are not dreaming! Training with a professional is tax-deductible like any personal service (cleaning, tutoring, computer assistance, meals on wheels, etc.).

More than 12 years ago, Ownsport became the first sports coaching agency in France to obtain national accreditation for personal services from the Paris prefecture. This approval allows all their clients to benefit from a tax deduction of 50% on home lessons.

Who is concerned? Any person of French or foreign nationality declaring their income to the French tax authorities. Thanks to this, you will benefit from a 50% tax reduction on the hours of lessons you do at home or on your annual contribution.

3. Become a Sports Coach – Personal Sports Coach

Finally, this article is not just for potential customers. If you are analysis these lines, you are a sportsman and holder of a state diploma and know that Ownsport is recruiting. All specializations wherever you are. The information you will need is online!

For more info on Ownsport, I advise you to go directly to the site to get an idea:

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