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Protein to Gain Muscle Mass

How much and when is it better to take them? How does the time I do the training influence?

The other day I conventional an email with a question from a Peruvian Sport Life follower that I think will help us resolve doubts that many of our website followers have. Eva Gutierrez posed this situation to me:

How to Gain Muscle Mass on a Diet 

Improving strength and increasing muscle mass goes beyond training. We must give great importance to the recovery phase, where food is fundamental.

I have tried to gain muscle mass, eating a lot since I am thin, but at the same time, I earn a belly. I recently went to the gym, and I am taking protein. The guide told me to take them before training, an hour before, and After training, at 45 min, am I doing well? I

have read that it is better at night to gain muscle mass and since I exercise around noon, and I finish around 2:00 p.m. until I reach I take protein at home, and I have to wait 45 minutes, and then I have to wait another hour to have lunch, and the truth is that I have lunch super late lately. The truth is that I am in a mess. What do you advise me?

Hey Eva. I will try to shed some dark on your question. If you want to gain muscle mass, of course, you must create a greater caloric intake. That is obvious, and you will have to eat more. However, this more significant amount of calories supports the growth of your muscles, as long as said muscles are strained with the appropriate strategy.

You talk about protein intake and this, being critical, is secondary to stimulating your muscles to make them grow. So, to try to figure everything out a little better:

Stick with a Good Muscle

In which you challenge your muscles to create adaptations. Again, the volume and intensity of the exercises will be critical.

Eat a High-Calorie Regimen that Supports 

It is optional from 1 to 1.2 grams per kilo of your body weight per day). In addition, that of taking protein right after training is something that is widely defeated. As long as you ensure your protein intake in the next 24 hours, it will be enough.

The “Anabolic” Window

As they call that period after the training session) exists but in terms of glycogen replacement. Therefore, protein synthesis remains receptive in the next 24 hours approximately.

Don’t worry about the “belly” It is almost every day for a muscle gain process to lead to some fat gain. But muscle is closely related to high metabolism and, with time, you will get a better silhouette.

And here are four tips:
Train with a high weekly frequency (and yes, sometimes, hard)
Eat 1-1.2 grams of protein per quid of weight each day (it doesn’t matter when you do it, really)
Repeat, repeat
I hope I have underwritten something to your doubts, Eva. Long live Peru!

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