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Product test and reviews Nivea Men PSG – Therefore, some of our sports friends have had the opportunity to discover the new “limited edition” shower gels bearing the image of the players of the capital’s club.

As you can see, the packaging is booming, especially the blue and gold shower gels (which I find pretty classy). We, therefore, received the Marquinhos, Dani Alves, Verratti and Adrien Rabiot gels, each of which has its particular properties.

Know that all these gels are 3 in 1 (body, face and hair), so convenient for the shower after sport. However, please know that I have tested it myself, and these have no bearing on your footballing technique.

1. Sensitive – sensitive skin by Rabiot

Serge Aurier had said of him in the course of a skid on the Internet that he was not a fragile. But it’s the tall, slender midfielder whose image for the sensitive skin gel. So let’s try it then to the most delicate of our sports friends!

Here is the opinion of Olivier, who used it after his Crossfit training: I must say that the Nivea Men shower gel impressed me. The skin is not attacked or dried out, and this feeling of freshness lasts long after the shower, which is very pleasant. Having difficult skin and generally using specialized products, I validate this shower gel!

2. Dani Alves Energy Gel – Reviews Nivea Men PSG

I am bursting with energy (this article is also a bit glorifying me)! The theme of this gel, therefore, stuck perfectly to my skin. I liked the smell that I found very fresh and aromatic. It just reminded me of Brazil. And I couldn’t help dancing the samba while I was soaping up.

The sensation on the body and the hair is at the top! I used it after my Crossfit sessions. I must say that it gave me the little boost I needed.

3. Sport + by Verratti – Reviews Nivea Men PSG

It is Thierry who gives us his opinion about this version sporting the small Italian environment:

I’ve always been somewhat dubious in front of the marketing arguments on the sensations that a shower gel can cause… What more could you expect than to feel clean with soap?

But we have to admit that the Nivea Men Sport+ Freshness test shattered my preconceived ideas. So, the freshness effect is there! But, to wonder if during soaping!

Aside from Verratti looking at me in Adam’s outfit, I validate this product which after a good sports session will give the impression of going down in temperature.

4. Express Wakeup with Marquinhos

This version is supposed to boost the alarm clock. So let’s give it to our favourite guinea pig, the one who is the slowest on the ignition; I named Lionel our footballer friend:

I don’t like the packaging at all!  that I am a fervent supporter of OM. But, frankly, seeing Marquinhos’ face when he jumps out of bed, there’s better to put yourself in a good mood! So it’s a bit grumpy that I tested it. On the other hand, the smell is interesting and fresh. It’s quite funny; it immediately reminded me of a locker room: I think this type of perfume in other shower gels that my football teammates may have. In addition, the texture is more fluid than that of my usual gel, which is very practical for quick showers!

5. The new PSG eau de toilette

And here is the little surprise that Nivea had reserved for us: the eau de toilette in the colours of the Parisian club.

Admittedly, we are not presenting a huge luxury perfume here. But this bought for 16€! Therefore, it is a perfect choice for small and medium budgets with its excellent quality/price ratio.

Its scent is very fresh and a little spicy. It will perfectly suit the young and sporty gentleman.

If you are interested in this water, you can find it on Amazon by clicking on the following image.

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