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Skin Care Routine And Use Of The Scrub

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Skin Care – The peeling is also one of the care products that I use regularly and gladly – ​​but not every day! Our skin recommences itself every 28 days as new skin cells form and existing skin cells die off simultaneously. The peeling is a gentle way to remove dead skin cells and make your skin look fresher. I use the peeling once or twice a week in the shower. Even if you suffer from ingrown hairs, I recommend that you regularly exfoliate the body parts to reduce calluses in the skin.

1. Removing Dead Skin Cells

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from your skin. It will make your skin look fresher and feel smoother.

2. Promote Blood Circulation

The blood circulation stimulates by massaging the peeling. Good blood circulation supports optimal skincare, making it look plumper and healthier.

3. Stimulating Cell Formation

Depending on the granulation of the peeling, minor (non-visible) injuries can occur in the skin so that it stimulates to the formation of new cells and thus regenerate itself.

Regularly, But Don’t Overdo It

You should exfoliate 1-2 times a week (just when you shower), and don’t overdo it. Daily exfoliation destroys the skin barrier and puts stress on the skin cells, which have to renew themselves when damaged. If you have mainly dry skin, you should choose a more considerable distance for the peeling.

Care For Your Skin Efficiently

Serum, cream, cleansing gel, peeling and much more. You quickly lose track of why there are such different care products and what they have to do with each other. In my care routine, I orientate myself on the care steps that I got to know in my sales work and which I also learned from a lecture by Prof. Dr Steinkraus, the head of the Dermatological in Hamburg. My care routine puts the products in a sensible order and ensures that the skin is made receptive and is cared for according to its needs. It would help if you adapted your care to your skin type. You can find out how to determine your skin type yourself in a separate article.

1st Care Step – Cleaning

The first care step is cleaning. Always clean my face in the morning when I shower since my face is already wet. Then, in the evening, I wash my face at the sink. I used a special cleansing gel for cleaning since ordinary soaps have a pH value that is too high, and shower gels and shampoos often contain too washing-active solid substances, and these, therefore, dry out your facial skin.

With the cleansing, you bind the sweat, sebum and environmental influences (e.g. fine dust, etc.) on your skin and free it from them. Without professional cleaning, your skin will only absorb a fraction of the active ingredients you apply in the following steps.

2nd Care Step – The Facial Toner

After cleansing or shaving, I apply the facial tonic or tonic to regulate my pH value and prepare my skin for the following care steps.

3rd Care Step – The Serum

I have an oily skin type. However, my skin tends to dehydrate from the condition. The serum is a highly concentrated care product that tailors optimally to your skin type and your current skin condition. I’m currently using a moisturizing serum to moisturize my skin in a highly concentrated form. So, I come to my skin type in the 5th care step.

4th Care Step – The Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the face and needs special care. So after the serum, I apply eye care, which I use to the tip of my index finger and then spread in circular movements over the eyelids and under the eye.

5th Care Step – The Day Care / Aftercare

Finally, I treat my skin with day and night care, for which I use the same products. Since my skin type is oily, I use a mattifying, sebum and oily shine-reducing care product. I also apply this to my fingertips and set dots on my forehead and cheeks before I spread them over my face with my fingertips. You should ensure that you don’t use your entire palm when applying the conditioner. Otherwise, you will end up with a rather expensive manicure.

My Tips For You

  • Constantly tailor your care to your skin’s needs, and don’t just reach for men’s care products.
  • As a beginner, five care steps may be daunting and expensive if you use high-quality care. Therefore, I recommend at least one cleansing product to remove impurities from your skin and a coordinated daycare product.
  • Regularity and no constant change: You should take care of yourself every morning and evening. You should not change your products often and give them at least six weeks to adjust to them.
  • Apply products sparingly with your fingertip. High-quality care products are highly concentrated and should only be applied thinly. A lot doesn’t help much and only hurts your wallet


Skincare is the foremost important thing irrespective of gender. The essential central aspect of skin care is hydration. The skin should be maintained internally rather than an external application of products.

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