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Top Tips to Promote your Spa’s Health Food Counter

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Spa’s Health Food Counter

The spa industry hasn’t had the greatest past few years due to the pandemic. But now that things are starting to get back to normal, it’s time to rebuild your clientele. And one of the best ways to make your spa stand out is to promote your health food counter.

Your spa’s health food counter is more than just a place for your members to purchase healthy snacks; it’s a great way to make your spa stand out from the competition, draw in more business, and even earn some extra revenue in the process. Here are four tips to market the health food counter at your spa.

Posters never go out of Style

Posters are some of the oldest methods of distributing information, and they’re still effective today. Nobody can resist looking at a well-designed poster hanging on the wall!

Many of your clients might not even know about your health foods counter. Or if you haven’t opened it yet, it’s always good to start a buzz around the spa for a strong launch. Get your existing clients excited about your health foods counter by hanging posters all over the spa — and maybe even around town.

Of course, you’re busy running a spa, so you might not have time to design amazing posters from scratch. Luckily, there are plenty of free templates for health food ads online. Just pick the one that best fits your spa’s style, fill in the information about your health food counter, and you’re ready to post!

As an added bonus, you can also save your health food ads as a graphic, which is perfect for posting on your social media channels for even more promotional power.

Include the Health Food Counter in a Rewards Program

It’s always nice to reward your most loyal clients. They’re always in your spa anyway, so why not push your health food counter to them specifically? By implementing a rewards program, you can encourage client loyalty and promote your new health food counter at the same time.

For example, your rewards program could be something like for every three appointments, get 20% off an order from the health food counter. That would encourage clients to book at least three appointments and try out your new health counter. Once they realize how delicious the food is, they’ll definitely come back for more during their next appointments.

Of course, you can make the rewards program whatever you want. But incorporating the health counter into the rewards program is a great way to encourage your clients to try it for themselves.

Open up the Health Food Counter to the Public

Many spas are private, offering services to only their members or clients. While this is a great way to ensure your spa maintains its quiet, relaxing atmosphere, it also reduces your health food counter’s exposure. Sometimes, people might not have time for a relaxing spa day, but they might be interested in a quick, healthy snack.

By opening your health food counter to the public, you can get more people through the door and boost food revenues for your spa. Hopefully, once people see your spa and try your tasty health , they’ll want to sign up to become members, too!

This marketing strategy might not be right for every spa. But if your health food counter is in a location that’s easily accessible and close to the front door, it might be a great option to promote your healthy snacks and your spa all in one!

Add your Health Food Counter in your Spa Brochure

You likely hand out plenty of brochures to prospective clients, explaining the details about your spa experience. This is a perfect place to mention your new health counter.

Update your spa brochures to include all the information necessary to get new clients excited about your health counter. It’s a perk of joining your spa, so why not show it off!?

If you don’t have a spa brochure (or if your current brochure is in desperate need of an update), don’t worry! You can create one with templates online. It takes only a few minutes to create a great spa brochure, so you can quickly get back to doing what you do best: growing your spa!

Sell more Healthy Snacks

People come to your spa to relax and enjoy themselves, but why shouldn’t food be a part of that experience, too? If you’re thinking of opening a health counter (or have already done so), get more people to enjoy your tasty treats by creating eye-catching health ads and posters.

Add your food counter to your spa’s rewards program, open up the counter to the public, and include your health counter in your spa brochure for new clients.

With all these marketing efforts working together, you’ll have a line out the front door of people waiting for a taste of the goodies at your spa’s health food counter.