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Top Tips For Staying Healthy While On Holiday

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When it comes to holidaying, it’s often a time to indulge a little, let our hair down and enjoy ourselves. Of course, that isn’t exactly healthy, and for many it can even prove dangerous.

Often when away, we don’t care too much about how much we eat or drink, but for many people that actually suffer from addiction or have healthy conditions related to it, it can cause or be the trigger point that leads to serious consequences.

So, how do you stay healthy on holiday while still having the time of your life?

Treat yourself. But in moderation

You’re on holiday, of course you should treat yourself. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be all the time. The 80:20 rule is a good mantra to live by while away, living healthily 80 percent of the time and saving a little room for treats.

Naturally, if you have given up certain foods, or alcohol, for example, having gone through a private drug rehab to go sober, then the 80:20 rule doesn’t apply, and it should stick to being 100:0.

You can get support for that

Of course, if you are in recovery, it can be especially hard to avoid temptation while away. New surroundings, a different routine, and a feeling of less accountability can often see those in recovery relapse.

Therefore, it can be important to have a support network in place to keep you on track. That could be a person or group of people you can ring back at home to help you, or even those that are on holiday with you.

In the case of the latter, the group around you will also be a great support in sticking to the 80:20 diet mentality.

Stay active and keep any fitness routines

Many of us have fitness routines at home, and while it can be nice to take a bit of a break from them while away, still make sure you keep active. It might be that you swap your usual 30 minute morning run for a swim in the pool instead.

It can be difficult to get back into your routine when you get home if you have done little, while it’s always good to be active and keep the body and brain ticking over.

Stay hydrated

It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated when away. We can often forget to do this when we’re off on all manner of excursions or falling asleep in the midday sun. It can be incredibly dangerous not drinking enough on holiday and you should be regularly topping up with water before you even get thirsty.

Whether you’re being active or not, make sure you’re remaining hydrated and you’ll make sure you have the best possible time, with as few hiccups as possible.