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The stethoscope, an important auscultation tool, consists of two earpieces tilted at the same angle as the ear canal, a rubber tube, and a head with a diaphragm or bell. The membrane accentuates high-frequency sounds; The hood transmits low-frequency sounds. Dual-head stethoscopes have a diaphragm and a bell. Some stethoscopes only have a diaphragm; Some stethoscopes have a pressure-sensitive tunable head that acts as both a diaphragm and a bell, depending on the pressure applied.

Stethoscopes come in various styles and price ranges, including electronically powered stethoscopes. Although the style choice (e.g., Sprague-Rappaport double-tube type, Littman single tube type) depends on personal preference, quality is important. Higher-quality stethoscopes transmit sounds more efficiently and last longer than cheaper models. The stereo stethoscope, a sort of acoustic stethoscope, is used to distinguish between left and right auscultation sounds using a two-channel design, with a solitary tube, diaphragm, and bell appearances, and purposes like an acoustic stethoscope. However, the right and left auditory tubes are independently connected to the right and left semicircular microphones in the bell.

The magnetic stethoscope has only one end piece, which is a diaphragm. It contains an iron disk on the inner surface; Behind it is a permanent magnet. A strong spring keeps the membrane biased outward when not pressed against the body surface. The compression of the membrane activates the air column as a magnetic force created between the iron disk and the magnet. Turning a dial adjusts the high, low, and total frequency tones.

The electronic stethoscope picks up the vibrations transmitted to the surface of the body and converts them into electrical impulses. The impulses are amplified and conveyed to a speaker, which converts back into sound. Newer versions of the electronic stethoscope may also offer additional features such as extended hearing ranges, digital display, sound recording and storage, playback, sound interpretation, visual presentation, wireless connectivity, and connection to electronic devices.

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