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The Best Sweaters for Men with PARIS YORKER

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Sweaters for Men with PARIS YORKER

The sweater is an essential part of the male wardrobe. It comes in many forms (V-neck, round neck, thin, thick, trucker, turtleneck, wool, cotton, American collar, officer collar, cashmere, virgin wool or merino. In short, there is something for everyone tastes, all prices and therefore of all possible qualities.

Today, I’m mainly interested in the best sweaters for men. That said, what is a good sweater? How to choose the best men’s sweaters? I contacted PARIS YORKER, a recognized specialist in quality sweaters, to answer these questions.

1. The Best Men’s Sweaters under the Microscope

Men With PARIS YORKER – Are you looking for sweaters that will keep you warm and accompany you this winter? Are you lookings for the best possible quality at reasonable prices? How to choose? What characterizes the best products?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a quality sweater. I have listed 5 to which you should pay particular attention. Follow the leader!

2. Selected Raw Materials – Men with PARIS YORKER

A so-called good quality sweater is a 100% natural raw material from healthy and well-treated animals, for example, in the case of merino wool and cashmere. The finer the fibres of the thread, the more the yarns will be dense and solid, and therefore the finished product will be just as strong.

For the best men’s cotton sweaters, the raw material must be 100% organic and eco-responsible, i.e., harvested and woven ethically without chemical treatments. To make the right choice, you should find out about the brand and its selection of raw materials.

At PARIS YORKER, all these elements are transparent to the customer. In addition, the brand uses specialized intermediaries who guarantee premium raw materials to be sure of the quality.

3. The Dyeing of the Material – Men with PARIS YORKER

Chemicals have invaded the fashion industry to colour Fast Fashion clothes. These products are both terrible for our health and in addition, they pollute our planet at the time of production. The dyeing of the best men’s sweaters with respect for the environment and the physical integrity of consumers.

How? ‘Or’ What? By choosing the most natural pigments and fixers possible. Using the most respectful dyeing processes for the raw material (in bulk or skeins).

4. The art of Knitting with Quality Yarn

The manufacture of the sweater parts, also called knitting, is essential in creating the best sweaters. There are multiple techniques. The one that guarantees the robustness and longevity of a good sweater is, in particular, that of tight knitting.

It ensures the resistance of each piece of the shirt and makes it possible to create a product dense and heavy enough to resist time and wear. For example, the grammage of PARIS YORKER knitwear is on average 270 grams per square meter, whereas manufacturers rarely exceed 200/220 gr/m².

5. The Meshing of the Sweater

Remeshing is the step that consists of assembling all the different pieces of a shirt (collar, sleeves, etc.). How does it work? Each element is sewn or meshed with precision to guarantee a balanced sweater and perfect finishes.  Also, the stage where reinforcement stitches in the most exposed areas such as the armpits, shoulders, and collar.

6. Treatment of the Sweater

The final stage in the making of a quality sweater: the treatment. It consists of washing the shirt and then steaming it to restore its shine and perfect shape. Low-end sweater manufacturers often leave this step out because it still generates costs.

So, after a first machine wash at home, the sweater has often shrunk, the fault of poor quality yarn and non-existent treatment. On the contrary, the best sweater brands like PARIS YORKER make it a point of honour to keep this step so precious for their products and customers.

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