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Customers To Build Custom Motorcycles

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To Build Custom Motorcycles – Ducati has just launched a customization program for those who want to build the bike of their dreams. Called Unica. Fans of the brand will be able to make their motorcycle. Fantasies come true through direct interaction with the designers of the Ducati Style Center.

To create it, Ducatists will have at their disposal precious materials, exclusive finishes, unique colours and Ducati Performance accessories to give life to unique and unrepeatable motorcycles.

They will have a Certificate of Originality

Those of Borgo Panigale has presented the latest project they have in hand to the audience. The new Unica customization program is for brand lovers who want to design and build their exclusive motorcycles.

The Italian firm’s program opens the doors of the design centre to Ducatists to build the motorcycle of their dreams. Moreover, they allow them to collaborate directly with the designers and technicians who have created such fantastic bikes as the Panigale V4 or the Multistrada.

Customers who join the program will personally enter the Ducati Centro Stile workshop and describe the motorcycle of their fantasies. Afterwards, the designers will carry out the wishes of the buyer. In addition, they will be able to visit the factory periodically to observe the progress of their motorcycle and experience. First-hand, the level of dedication and attention to detail that the brand processes in each project.

In addition, with the support of Unica professionals, the Ducatists themselves will choose the unique details to include on their bikes. These may consist of precious materials, exclusive finishes, striking colours, and even accessories brought directly from Ducati Performance. Yes, all follow the stylistic criteria that identify a true Ducati.

Customers To Build Custom Motorcycles

So that the customer does not miss a single detail of the development process, the apiece of the creation bike will document and the enthusiasts’ participation, from the first sketches to the delivery ceremony.

Each motorcycle that comes out of this customization program will buy a factory certificate that guarantees. Its originality and unrepeatable quality in the world. That is if. From the factory itself, they warn that due to the level of uniqueness and the obsessive attention to detail. The company will only be able to accept a minimal number per year. And only those in line with the brand’s values.

That is to say andrea Ferraresi, Director of the Ducati Style Center, explains what it will be like to work with Unica: “Design is a distinctive element of our creations. In addition, we wanted Ducatists to identify themselves even more with their bike, making them a direct expression of style. Individual to each person.

Because of this we created Ducati Unica, an exclusive program. That testifies to the excellence of Made in Italy, of which Ducati is a worldwide representative. An exciting and unforgettable personalization experience experienced directly within our Centro Stile. The moment in which Ducatistas finally see his bike is inspiring for us at the Centro Stile and a source of great pride,” concluded Andrea Ferraresi.

If you are lucky enough to afford customization of this calibre, Ducati sales outlets will be an integral part of the project. And it is that in them, you will obtain the necessary information to request access to the program. Furthermore, a worldwide program applies to the Ducati and Ducati Scrambler ranges.

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