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Speed ​​Bike: The Legislation To Know About This Ultra-Powerful Bike

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Speed ​​bike: the legislation to know about this ultra-powerful bike – It is possible to feel frustrated with your electrically assisted bicycle. Which finds itself restrained at 25km/h and cuts off its pedalling assistance. If this is your event, then you can consider buying a speed bike, in other words, a 45km/h electrically assisted bicycle.

1. What is a Speed bike? – This Ultra-Powerful Bike

Before embarking on purchasing a Speed ​​bike, there are several elements to understand about this bike. First, its engine is much more potent than a traditional VAE bike. The Speed ​​bike is in the category of mopeds.

Speed ​​bikes are slightly different from traditional e-bikes. The speed bike equipped with a rearview mirror, and its braking system is upturned as a moped. However, it is similar to the motorcycle where the rear brake is on the left and is directly linked rear light to signal to brake.

2. Who is this type of bike aimed by the side?

The Speed ​​bike is a bike not to put in all hands. It’s a speedy bike that you have to be able to handle. The Speed ​​bike is heavy and robust, and it is optional to have previous urban cycling experience. A newbie on a motorcycle who decides to get started on a speed bike might find it difficult to control their bike and put themselves and other road users at risk.

However, the target of Speedbikes is the urban cyclist who wants to have a robust bike to save time on his journey time which could be quite long. Therefore, he must have road cycling experience. Thus, the Speed bike is considered a faster alternative to cars and motorcycles in urban areas.

3. What are the laws regarding Speedbikes?

First, since the Speed ​​bike is considered a moped, the motorcycle must be registered and carry a license plate. Theoretically, it is up to the shop where the speed bike is purchased to carry out the procedures for reporting the motorcycle. Therefore, the speed bike has a grey card, and its owner must take out insurance.

The user of a speed bike is subject to the obligation to wear an approved helmet that meets the ECE-R 22.05 standard. Its a slice of helmet reserved for mopeds providing enhanced protection in the event of a fall at high speed. Bicycle brands are developing helmets that meet this standard but more speed bikes than mopeds. For a helmet that meets this standard. You will have to pay around 200€—similarly, the wearing of gloves required for the practice of Speed ​​biking.

  • This Ultra-Powerful Bike

Since the Speed ​​bike not considered a motorcycle strictly speaking, but a moped, its user will not be able to take cycle paths and forest tracks. The speed bike must work only on the road. All road signs in the opposite direction, passing through a red light when giving way, will not be authorized.

Despite its speed advantages, the speed bike has particular characteristics that will not suit everyone. Its speed gain will not necessarily guarantee time savings because the user will not take the urban facilities dedicated to cyclists, which often save time. Moreover, such a bike is costly because it will be available from 3500€ to 7000€. Added to this is the required equipment and the insurance and registration contracts to complete.