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How to Wear a Men’s Leather Jacket?

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Wear a Men’s Leather Jacket

The men’s leather jacket is a must-have in men’s fashion. Ideally used to protect against the cold, the rain or any motorcycle accident, the leather jacket is reinventing itself and becoming a timeless fashion item whether you are a rocker, a biker or even a fan of a casual look, the men’s leather jacket for all styles. But how to wear a leather jacket? We will tell you more in this article.

1. A Comfortable and Light Garment

The leather jacket for men is available in several versions. For the summer season, you will have the choice of wearing a leather jacket while sporting the perfect. I prefer the aviator style for the winter season. However, you will have the opportunity to wear it throughout the year, summer and winter. Therefore, you will need to choose the best clothing combination and a leather jacket.

So in summer, opt for light clothes (like thin t-shirts) as high temperatures approach. Conversely, I prefer a thicker t-shirt when winter comes to the fore. You can also opt for a lights sweater that will bring you comfort while avoiding the Bibendum effect.

2. A Chic and Relaxed look

Do you want to adopt a chic and casual look with a leather jacket, even to go to your workplace? That’s good, and there are different models of leather jackets suitable for many styles. If you plan to wear a men’s leather jacket to work, bet on models with shirt collars or classic collars, preferable ones with pockets (practical for taking your smartphone or wallet with you).

Opt for a black leather jacket for a classic but timeless touch for the colour. For a more original touch, opt for the leather jacket in different colours: brown, green, burgundy, red. You will sport workwear and rock style with a white shirt and tie.

As for the pants, the association of slim jeans and a leather jacket remains the ideal. But you still have the choice of picking for chinos. These two types of pants will highlight the coat and the noble aspect of the leather.

3. Accessories to Wear with a Leather Jacket

In rapports of accessories, you will also choose, always depending on the style you want to adopt with your leather jacket.

A rocker side? Bet on skull rings and cross necklaces. Rather casual? A simple watch will suffice. Want to look casual? A pair of glasses will complete your chic look.

You can also accessorize your look with a messenger bag or a scarf. Why not bet on a cap or a hat?

As for the shoes, you will have a varied choice to match them with your masculine leather jacket. Again, it all depend on the style you like. Discretion is critical. White sneakers thus fit this description. If you want to show a chic side, a leather shoe will be a great option. For rockers, bet on big leather boots. If you’re a little more grunge, opt for a pair of Dr Martens!

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