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How to Wear Doc Martens For Men With Style?

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How to wear Doc Martens for men with style? – Today we are tackling a shoe monument since we will explain how to wear Doc Martens with style! Having become a classic since its birth in 1960, it was by workers, then by postal workers and police in its low version.

Quickly, it became a symbol of the proletariat and rebellion and became the iconic shoe of punks. As we could not miss these legendary shoes, here are some tips for wearing Doc Martens in style.

  • How to wear Doc Martens for men with style?
  • Porter les boots Doc Martens
  • Les Chelsea Doc Martens
  • Wear Doc Martens dress shoes

How to wear Doc Martens for men with style?

To wear Doc Martens in style, you can pair them with black jeans and a leather jacket for a rock look. In the low version, you can wear them with raw jeans, chinos or suit pants and put together dressy or smart outfits.

You have already understood that Dr Martens is not just the boots of punks, even if this model is known to everyone! It comes in derby-type city shoes like the mythical 1461, in Chelsea, moccasin, brogue and even sandal.

A diversity of range gives assortment and outfit and hundreds of ways to wear Doc Martens with style. However, as we cannot be exhaustive, here are some ideas.

Porter les boots Doc Martens – Martens for men with style

  • The Doc Martens for a rock style

Wearing Doc Martens in a rock-inspired outfit is the easiest thing to do with its strong association with punk. So here we suggest you wear Dr Martens 1460, the brand’s original model, and pair it with simple blue or black jeans, a t-shirt and a perfecto-type leather jacket.

If you want to urbanize your outfit, you can also wear a hoodie under your biker jacket.

The Doc Martens for a casual outfit

For a more casual look, drop the perfect! You can also wear 1460 with a simple denim jacket, a bomber jacket, a teddy or simply with a sweater.

If you don’t want to wear black pants, raw or slightly faded jeans can be worn wonderfully with this type of boot. A red plaid flannel shirt, a black crew neck sweater, jeans and a pair of Doc Martens will bring you a casual look.

Also, think about changing the colour of Doc; for a casual outfit, you can opt for a brown or burgundy 1460 model.

La Dr Martens ‘Inspiration Workwear

Don’t hesitate to wear your Doc with faded straight jeans for a more workwear outfit. Instead, roll up the bottom of your jeans, so they go up to the limit of your Doc and wear it with a raw wool sweater or a chunky cardigan.

For the winter, you can wear a pair of Doc Martens with beige pants a chambray shirt on which you come to superimpose a white wool sweater. Add a perfect oversized parka to that, and you’re ready to face the cold.

Wear Dr Martens with Shorts

A little more surprising, the Doc Martens boots be worn with shorts if you choose a 1470 or 101 model. We will keep it simple and effective and combine these beautiful boots with black shorts. A medium grey knit sweater and a lovely cap black.

Les Chelsea Doc Martens

If you want to wear Doc Martens with elegance, the Chelsea model is what you need. Of course, you already know that this type of boots is one of the only ones that a man can wear with a outfit without making a mistake. Luckily, the Doc Martens Chelsea are not all massive and are generally sober enough to remain worn with elegance.

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