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What is’bulletproof’or Coffee? Is it suitable for you?

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We are talking about BulletProof coffee or ketogenic coffee, the coffee with butter that is taken for breakfast to fill you with physical and mental energy and help you lose weight

The coffee Buller Proof or ‘Bulletproof’ is a cafe that has become fashionable for the ketogenic diet.

What is Bulletproof coffee?

It is an energizing drink that replaces breakfast because it combines black coffee with coconut oil and butter. Yes, butter, is a strong and very sybaritic coffee. But, not just any ingredient is worth it. Bulletproof coffee is an ‘expensive’ coffee because it with quality ingredients. So it is with roasted coffee beans, the ground before making, extra virgin coconut oil. And butter made with milk from natural pastures. So you get a drink with more than 400 calories, a thick coffee rich in healthy fats and caffeine, the ketogenic formula to get energy without taking carbohydrates.

Bulletproof coffee legend says it all started in Nepal, when Dave Asprey, a biological hacker, was on a trek and ran out of power. So the Sherpas made him coffee with a spoonful of butter or ghee, a dark concoction with the smell and taste of fat, well loaded with caffeine, that got him to recover and keep up for several hours.

Upon returning to California, he adapted the recipe and began to tell the story to his co-workers and friends. Seeing the formula, he quit his job and set up his brand to make Bulletproof coffee with quality ingredients. He sells and ensures the good healthy fat content, the origin of the coffee, the nutritional composition, etc. A very American success brand story.

With the ketogenic diet, high in healthy fats and very low in carbohydrates, Bulletproof coffee spread as an energy breakfast to lose weight. Thus it has arrived in Europe, with different formulas, to suit all palates.

What are the benefits of Bulletproof coffee?

Let’s see what the different web pages that worship it say; although I have not found scientific evidence about its effects and benefits,

It is a high-energy drink, Bulletproof coffee provides about 441 calories, so it is eaten only as a full breakfast first thing in the morning.

It is a physical and mental stimulant due to its high-quality caffeine and polyphenol content, from raw coffee beans, rich in caffeine and antioxidants.

Contains fat-sol: healthy fatty acids,omega-3s, and conjugated linoleic acid. Only if the butter used comes from milk from cows fed on natural pastures rich in healthy fatty acids.

It does provide butyric acid, an anti-inflammatory fat, but only if made with butter or natural pasture milk ghee, again.

Bulletproof coffee It Contains fat-sol vitamins from milk: K, A, D, and E.

It Helps maintain bacterial balance in the digestive system.

It is satiating, helps you lose weight and burn fat, This is only true if you are on a low-carb, high-fat diet such as the ketogenic or the Paleo diet. If your diet is regular, it does not have thermogenic effects, only satiating, but you will take in many calories.

It is very tasty, or so those who taste it say, that it is a coffee with a lot of flavor and texture (it is better because it is expensive if it the done well)

Inconveniences of the Bulletproof café

A very high wet fat drink, albeit the fit kind, a cup of Invincible coffee offers around 51g of fat, 80%.

of which is wet stout it can make you gain weight doubt you don’t track a ketogenic diet. As it happens after you drink this coffee with your breakfast. They are too many calories for an average being

It is a juice with 0 grams of celluloses and hardly any protein, and we must not forget that carbohydrates are essential nutrients in the diet; we must lessen those that are undesirable for health but not remove them very

It does not provide fiber, no fiber. While it is a laxative coffee due to fat and caffeine, it is essential to have some yarn with every meal, specially at breakfast

It is not a complete breakfast, and being the only thing you eat and being very satiating. Can cause you to reduce the intake of essential nutrients in the morning

It is routine. If you take it every morning, you lose the advantage of having different breakfasts that help balance your diet by season and nutrients.

It can be indigestible due to excess fat and caffeine first thing in the morning.

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