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World Nutella Day 2024

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World Nutella Day 2024

World Nutella Day 2024 – As you know, on JSMC, we cover various topics. Nutrition is one of them. And today, we are tackling a significant problem: Nutella addiction.

Saturated Fat and Deforestation, the Underside of the Nutella Jar

World Nutella Day 2024, No need to present a spread made with hazelnuts, chocolate and all kinds of unsavoury things. A scoop. You no longer consume this Ferrero product (and probably others). Not only will this be beneficial for your body and your little abs, but it has now become an ETHICAL need! Because Ferrero uses a lot of palm oil in the design of Nutella.

Palm oil, whose extraction is critical for certain animals such as Orangutans and their ecosystem (see this article from France Nature Environnement, for example).

In short, this article is to alert you. Some have done it much better than us and for a long time. So instead, its purpose is to provide solutions. Because the vital for some at breakfast public usefulness on twilights of the great sadness. But there are healthier and more responsible alternatives. So here are some tips.

The other Spreads that Break the Nutella Hazelnuts

Comptoir de Mathilde spreads

I don’t know who this Mathilde is. But she is a gourmet and talented cook. The recipes “in the style of yesteryear” that you can find on their site all make my mouth water.

The closest to Nutella will be the one with milk chocolate and hazelnuts. My favourite is the hazelnut praline which crunches to the bite. Dark chocolate, no added sugar, or even ginger, there are all kinds.

Anyway, they are all GMO and palm oil-free. Their price is 8€ for 250g.

I am delighted with the taste and feel. In addition, it’s slightly less in price (it’s by far the most expensive on this list).

Chocolate  hazelnut spread – Jardin BIO.’

Jardin BIO dough combines chocolate, milk and ORGANIC hazelnuts. Thick and creamy, it spreads equally well on sandwiches and pancakes. Is the texture that comes closest to the original version.

It contains only 5.7g of fatty acid per 100g (nearly two times less than Nutella). You will find it in supermarkets at just over €4.19 for 350 g.

Crunchy Chocolate – Jean Herve – Nutella Moment

You will find organic hazelnuts and cocoa combined to create a powerful and authentic taste. The crunch brought by the pieces of hazelnuts gives this product gluttony and additional originality.

You can buy it for €6.40 for 350g.

Nocciolata – Rigoni di Asiago – Nutella Moment

The Nocciolata spread comes from an artisanal recipe based on cocoa and organic hazelnuts from Italy. Without palm oil or hydrogenated fats, this dough owes all its melting to the organic cocoa butter that composes it.

It is by far our cost of heart! A little more liquid, its taste is almost the same as Nutella’s. It is perfectly creamy and spreads quickly. It will make you happy as well as that of your children!

You can also find it in a lactose-free version. Its price is around 4.5€ for 350g, making it a very affordable product.

Tonton 2G Spread (that’s me)

This recipe is straightforward to make, inexpensive and above all, delicious! It only has four ingredients:

  • Hazelnuts: 200g
  • Milk chocolate (I use Jivara Valrhona): 200 g
  • Sugar (it is possible to reduce the dose a little): 130 g
  • Water: 30g

As you can see, this paste contains absolutely no fat other than hazelnuts.

And here is the long-awaited recipe (about 35 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of cooking):

  • Bring the sweety and water to a boil
  • Add the hazelnuts
  • Stir constantly with a wooden spoon so that the hazelnuts do not burn
  • The sugar will whiten and settle around the hazelnuts
  • Stir for about twenty minutes (be patient). The sugar will melt again and turn into caramel
  • Remove from the heat when the hazelnuts with a nice caramel
  • Place the hazelnuts on parchment paper, spreading them well to let them cool
  • Place the cool hazelnuts in the bowl of the mixer and blend until you obtain the desired consistency (once the hazelnuts have to powder, you must continue until a paste forms)
  • Melt the chocolate in a dual boiler or the microwave (low power)
  • Pour the melted chocolate with the hazelnut praline and mix well
  • Pour the batter into sterilized jam jars or devour it right away

However, the consistency is less smooth and creamy than the other pasta presented (due to the absence of fat). Don’t hesitate to heat it up for a few seconds before tasting to spread it more easily.

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