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A 15-Minute Yoga Session To Replenish Energy In The Morning

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Yoga Session To Replenish Energy 

Boost your energy level in the morning by incorporating a stimulating 15-minute yoga session inspired by sun salutations into your routine. The Energizing Yoga session, led by coach Briohny Smyth, is filmed on a paradise beach in Thailand. By mobilizing the whole body with gentle gestures, without impact, you awaken body and mind to start the day in the best conditions.

1. A very gentle start with a cycle of awakening movements

Put on your outfit and roll out your mat. This morning starts with the sound of the waves on the other side of the world. in the company of your iFIT coach:

Stand tall, hands open, ready to welcome this day

Raise your arms and join your hands above your head

Bend over, keeping your hands joined behind you, until your head is level with your knees, without forcing or trying to straighten your legs at all costs

Separate your hands and place them on the floor in front of you

Put your knees on the ground while leaning on your hands, stretch your back by alternating three times. The cow postures (hollow back) on the inspiration and the cat postures (round back) on the expiration

Put your feet in support behind you and raise your pelvis by stretching your legs, hands still on the ground, trying to make your spine grow: your body forms an A, you are in the downward dog posture

Step your feet back and put yourself in a plank position, then a cobra position, raising your head and opening your shoulders, then regain support on your legs and straighten them to return to downward dog pose

Reproduce this sequence: plank, cobra, then return to low dog position

Slowly stand up, curling your back, open your hands, raise them above your head, then bring them together in front of your heart. Yoga Session To Replenish Energy

You are warmed up, now wide awake and ready to do another cycle of postures.

2. The Heart of the Session: a Series of Postures

You are now going to repeat this sequence four times, breathing deeply and adopting slow gestures for fluid transitions between the movements: Standing. Feet anchored to the ground in the posture of the mountain, open your hands and join them above your head

Bend over, rolling your back until you almost touch the floor with your hands

Step forward with one foot at shoulder level and bend both legs into a low lunge position

Raise your arms above your head, opening your shoulders wide to achieve the warrior pose 1

Put your hands in front of you and place yourself in the downward-facing dog (in A)

Step your feet back into a plank location, then a cobra position, raising your head and squeezing your shoulder blades together, then back into a downward-facing dog position

Leaning on your hands, raise one leg behind you

Lower the leg and bring it to shoulder level to redo the low lunge and warrior sequence

The first three times, get up by wrapping your back well, open your hands, raise them above your head and then join them in front of your heart.

3. Erminez l’entrainement, vous etes pret pour Affronter la Journee

Lors du quatrieme cycle, après l’étape 8, vous etes en position de guerrier (fente basse, bras levés). Cette fois, ne vous relevez pas, mais entamez un dernier enchaînement de postures :

Positionnez-vous à genoux. Les mains derrière vos hanches et la tête en arrière, puis attrapez vos talons : cest la posture du chameau, parfaite pour ouvrir la cage thoracique et liberer le diaphragme

Revenez a genoux, puis allongez-vous sur le dos, jambes fléchies, talons posés au niveau des fesses

Realisez un demi-pont en levant le bassin, les talons bien ancrés au sol

Sans baisser le bassin, placez les paumes de vos mains pres de vos epaules et levez votre buste pour former un pont complet : tete en bas, vous voyez le monde sous une toute nouvelle perspective

Reposez-vous en revenant en position allongee tout doucement, jambes pliées, talons au sol

Groupez les genoux devant votre poitrine et enserrez-les avec les bras

Allongez-vous sur le dos, yeux fermes, mains ouvertes, et prenez quelques instants pour vous, loin de l’agitation du monde

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