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Buy Used Cars In Kuwait – Requirements

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Buy used cars in Kuwait – Buying and selling cars all over the world is a vast market. The various consequences come across if the dealing is not upright. Further details below should be considered while buying cars in Kuwait.


Many dealerships offer a used car warranty with the purchase. It usually works for a year. The customer can then extend it. However, contracts often include exclusions, for example, for gaskets. In addition, many only have labor costs and only cover a portion of material costs.


Criminals sometimes lower the speedometer on used cars. For example, it is suspicious if the service intervals and odometer readings listed on the cheque book vary significantly. Or when the speedometer only reads 50,000 kilometers, but a note in the engine compartment reveals that the last oil change was at 70,000 kilometers.

Used Cars In Kuwait – Privately

Finally, a new car? Two out of three buyers take a used car. It costs higher on average, according to figures from the previous collections. So the only question is: where to buy it? There are three options: private sellers, used car dealers and authorized dealers of one brand. The advantages and disadvantages of buying privately:

Used Cars In Kuwait, Privately – Cheaper Than From A Dealer

The lower prices are available from private sellers. Often they do not want to offer their car for weeks because they have already ordered the new one. It promotes the willingness to negotiate. Around 31 per cent of people decided to buy privately in 2020. The cars had run an average of 87,500 kilometers, were 7.4 years old.

Guarantee – Used Cars In Kuwait

The most significant disadvantage of buying privately is the lack of a warranty. Private individuals can exclude the statutory two-year warranty period entirely, and dealers are not. However, this exclusion is not automatic. Instead, the seller must expressly formulate it in the purchase contract. Then it says, for example, “with the exclusion of any guarantee”. If he forgets it, he assumes the warranty for two years.

The “Sold As Is” Clause

No defects in the car when inspecting it. It later turned out that the vehicle had significant accident damage that did not repair. The seller must take back the car and pay back the purchase price. The wording only excludes liability for easily recognizable defects. The seller defended himself by saying that he had not known about the previous damage. Therefore, the flaws must have come from the previous owner. He couldn’t get away with that because sellers are liable for defects – regardless of their fault.

Warranty – This Is How Private Sellers Do It Right

If car sellers want to exclude their liability for hidden defects with legal certainty, they should choose a suitable contract form. For example, it says: “The motor vehicle is sold to exclude liability for material defects and defects of title.

Tip: Are you buying from a private seller? Then not only take a good look at the car but also at the person. Does he appear neat and reliable? Does he describe the car honestly? Can he give a conclusive explanation as to why he is selling? It is essential if he has only owned the car for a short time. Private individuals are usually technical laymen. If the vehicle has a hidden defect, for example, a rattling noise that only occurs sporadically, which could indicate defective shock absorbers, they often do not know about it themselves.

Used Cars In Kuwait – From The Dealer

Implied Warranties

Dealers offer more security. As professionals, they have to give a two-year warranty by law. In the case of used vehicles, this period reduces to one year. But that must be in the purchase contract. Otherwise, two years apply.

Visual And Functional Test

In addition, dealers have to check the car, at least with a visual and functional check. If there are any indications of damage, the dealer must get to the bottom of the matter.

Used Car Dealer Or Dealership?

The question remains: used car dealer or authorized dealer? The price is often the deciding factor. Cars from used car dealers are often a bit cheaper. According to the KBA, a car cost an average of 13,310 euros from independent dealers in 2020, was 6.6 years old and covered 67,813 kilometers. Nevertheless, only 21 per cent of buyers opted for it. Most, namely 48 per cent, went to the contract trade. There, the cars cost an average of 18,570 euros, were four years old and had covered 42,893 kilometers.

Buy From A Dealer – Advises

What is more recommendable can hardly be said in general. The used car trade does not have a good image with many customers. But it depends on the retailer and the quality of his offer. It’s good when friends and acquaintances have had good experiences with a provider and can recommend it. The ADAC has observed that mistakes are less common when dealing with a branded car dealership. Going to a used car dealer, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Guild – The company should be a member of the motor vehicle guild. The signs show it: “Master company of the motor vehicle guild” or “Member company of the motor vehicle guild” or “Car dealership with quality and safety
  • Checked – The dealer should assure that the car is workshop limited or has had a recent primary inspection.
  • Advertisement – The ad’s text should correspond to the content of the sales contract and the verbal statements made by the seller. If he verbally promises something and is not willing to include this in the purchase contract, you should be careful.
  • Defects – A defect log should list all faults. General statements such as “vehicle in great condition” or “engine and transmission okay” are too non-binding.
  • Mileage – The dealer should guarantee the car’s mileage in writing in the sales contract. There should be no formulations such as “mileage according to the speedometer” or “according to the previous owner”. That would mean that the actual mileage was higher.


Buy used cars in Kuwait – buying used cars is always a risk factor. It depends on the type of market that provides the vehicle. The used cars market in Kuwait is a good one and can be trusted. Looking into the various factors while buying used cars will be helpful.

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