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How Long Does Ecdysterone Supplement Stay In Your System?

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As a male androgen, testosterone has structural similarities with ecdysterone. That is why there is a chance the supplement will have some hormone-like side effects. However, it is not testosterone. Therefore there will be no unpleasant steroidal consequences. However, despite this, the supplement is very effective. Several users claim it aids muscle gain and performance enhancement just as efficiently as anabolic steroids. Let us learn more about this ecdysterone supplement.

How Long Does Ecdysterone Supplement Stay In Your System?

Effects Of Ecdysterone On Your Body

There is not a single research that we have come across that connects the use of Ecdysterone to any serious adverse consequences. That does not indicate that the dietary supplement is flawless or without problems.

Taking Ecdysterone on an empty belly may produce nausea, a frequent side effect of capsulated supplements. Anecdotal data show this. There have also been reports of the following adverse effects associated with Ecdysterone:

Headaches that are just temporary


Loose stools


You must know that only a tiny percentage of consumers reported experiencing these adverse effects. Most customers who used Ecdysterone said that the supplement did not cause them to experience any adverse side effects once they began using it. In addition, they said that any little adverse effects vanished as they stopped using the medication.

How Long Does Ecdysterone Supplement Stay In Your System?

Let us cover the results of research that addresses this question. The rate of excretion technique helps determine the half-lives of ecdysterone in post-usage urine samples. The half-lives of ecdysterone and 14-deoxy-ecdysterone are around 3 hours.

These methods are distinct from one another. After 45 minutes after injection, ecdysterone was still present in urine samples, and it remained there for more than two days (58 hours). The urine collected between 0.4 and 4.4 hours showed the highest maximal excretion rate (mg/h), which ranged from 0.1 to 4.8 mg/h. Therefore, if you are supposed to go for testing, please ensure a gap of at least 4-5 days.

Every individual has a different rate of metabolism. Therefore, these numbers are just estimations. For some individuals, this substance may pass through their bodies far more quickly than other users. If you’re concerned about undergoing a test that might detect usage of this substance, it is best to steer clear for a few weeks before your test.

The Possible Benefits Of Ecdysterone

Because it might provide users with several advantages, including increased muscle growth, quicker recovery, prevention of muscle breakdowns, and quick fat reduction, Ecdysterone has garnered enormous popularity and attention from the media.

As a result of the many advantages it offers, it is now one of the most effective dietary supplements for cutting. Additional data shows that Ecdysterone can raise ATP generation. This factor assists athletes in improving their endurance throughout an exercise by increasing the energy stored in the body.

Users interested in fitness and bodybuilding may benefit from Ecdysterone, a potent supplement that can help with these purposes. Suppose you consider using Ecdysterone for reasons such as bodybuilding or other internal factors.

Raised Degree Of Muscle Mass

Increasing muscle mass is one of the advantages of Ecdysterone, which is the most well-known to the general public. The supplement increases the leucine taken into the muscles, enhancing the mRNA translation. This factor contributes to muscle protein production, building total muscle mass.

Might Prevent Muscle Breakdown

Users can tell that the most frustrating aspect of embarking on a cut is the loss of muscle mass throughout the process. Reducing the calories you consume below what your body requires will burn fat and muscle to get the calories it needs.

Fortunately, Ecdysterone is a dietary supplement that may lessen the severity of this impact. The supplement works similarly to anabolic steroids in enhancing the muscles’ nitrogen retention. This factor simplifies keeping one’s muscle mass during a cut while simultaneously accelerating the rate at which one burns fat.

Reduces Fatigue After Exercise

Ecdysterone has the same effect as creatine because it stimulates the body’s generation of ATP. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is a chemical the body uses to store and transport energy between cells. Because of this, ATP is essential for both explosive endurance and strength.

Ecdysterone’s potential to assist athletes in boosting their endurance and help users push themselves to their limits throughout every exercise is one of the best advantages of using this compound. It does this by raising the amount of ATP produced inside the body, which improves your strength and endurance.

Improves The Body’s Stress Response

Cortisol is the solitary worst hormone for a bodybuilder and is particularly problematic when abundant. Cortisol has many negative consequences on health, including a reduction in sleep quality, an increase in fat mass, a decrease in muscle mass, and many other effects. In addition to all of that, cortisol is the principal stress response in the body.

Your body’s cortisol production may decrease by using Ecdysterone, which also makes you less sensitive to the effects of stress. Your mental well-being, rate of fat reduction, the pace at which your muscles develop, and overall physical fitness will all increase as a result.

How Long Does Ecdysterone Supplement Stay In Your System?

Do You Need PCT?

Lastly, but certainly not least, most dietary supplements that boost your productivity in the gym and have an anabolic impact on your body call for Post Cycle Therapy, often known as PCT. Your body’s natural testosterone synthesis will decrease when taking a pill or anabolic steroid. Therefore, a PCT is required if a detour brings it back on course.

Because Ecdysterone does not interact with androgen receptors, post-cycle therapy is unnecessary after use. Because of this, it is the ideal supplement for improving exercise performance, the pace of fat loss, the amount of muscle mass, and the process of protein synthesis, among other things.

Final Thoughts

Experts are unsure how these results could compare to those of a more extensive human experiment. On the other hand, given the complex legal and ethical landscape around steroid usage, it may be some time before we can access reliable studies about this topic.

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