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How to wear Air Jordan?

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How to wear Air Jordan 1? – The Air Jordan 1 has become a classic in the world of sneakers. If their appearance may seem a bit bulky, it is possible to wear them throughout the year and integrate them into many outfits. We offer you some ideas to wear Air Jordan 1 without a false note.

How to wear Air Jordan 1?

You can wear Air Jordan 1s with many men’s wardrobe pieces. Jogpants, black jeans, chinos, shorts, these trainers are highly versatile. The trick is to combine them with a sober outfit, more or less elegant or casual, to let them express themselves fully as the central piece of your look.

You can find super excited and colourful Jordan 1 High on sites like heat while the range is, strangely, much more limited on the official Nike site.

Wearing Air Jordan 1s in a sportswear outfit

Thanks to its sporting origins, wearing Air Jordan 1s is a natural part of sportswear outfits. You can pair them very easily with tapered jogging pants and a hoodie. You can also choose fleece shorts worn with a simple t-shirt.

If you’re more of a fan of chic sportswear, don’t hesitate to layer an overcoat on your outfit. In addition to custody you warm, it will bring an undeniable touch of elegance.

The essential street outfit

You can also wear Air Jordan 1s in an outfit with more urban inspirations. Therefore, it is straightforward to compose a business with beige chinos a grey hoodie on which you just put a checked overshirt. Then, accessorize your outfit with the essential streetwear accessory: a cap!

Wear Air Jordan 1s with elegance

Let’s be clear when we talk about elegance; we are not talking about formal dress or even dressy dress. The design of these sneakers prevents it. But, on the other hand, combining these sneakers with slightly more dressed up pieces from the men’s wardrobe, such as a shirt or a very elegant trench coat, is entirely possible.

The first idea, you can wear Air Jordan 1 with black jeans, a white shirt and a wool sweater for a smart casual outfit. You can also pair these sneakers with jeans, a simple t-shirt and a beige trench coat.

Casual style with Air Jordan 1s

  • Daily, you can also wear your Air Jordans 1 with:
  • faded jeans, a perfecto and a white t-shirt,
  • beige chinos, a t-shirt and a denim jacket,
  • khaki pants and a navy sweater.

As you will have understood, the Air Jordan 1s are versatile, so avoid asking yourself too many questions and dare!

The story of the Air Jordan 1

Like all iconic pieces, the Air Jordans 1 has a strong history, intimately linked to sport and to one of the biggest basketball stars of his time: Michael Jordans! At the end of 1984, the genius basketball player chose Nike as his equipment supplier. From this contract, and thanks to the work of designer Peter Moore, the Nike Air Jordans 1 was born, initially in a high version to meet the demands of the field.

As soon as it was released, the basketball experienced some setbacks on the basketball courts. Indeed, the bright light sported by these sneakers was not to the liking of the NBA, which, at the time, only allowed black or white sneakers on the court. Michael Jordans persists in wearing his (Air Jordans) 1 during his matches, causing a bad-buzz on which the brand will surf.

The ban imposed by the NBA amplifies the enthusiasm of consumers and supporters of Michael Jordan, transforming this simple pair of sneakers into a true phenomenon.

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