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THE BEST MOTORCYCLE BLOGS TO FOLLOW BY EVERY BIKER – Nobody is surprised that the Internet has become the primary source of information. And regarding the motorcycle blog too. To one side were the traditional encyclopedias. Having to search the archives of municipal libraries or going to the newsstand every day to get the newspaper.

Now you can access all this information directly from your computer screen or any mobile device; it’s that simple. Who was going to tell you a few years ago that you could collect information about the duplicate driving license, how to buy a second-hand motorcycle or the types of motorcycle helmets that exist in just a few seconds?

1. The Best Motorcycle Blogs

It is a reality that the number of websites and blogs specialized in the world of motorcycles is enormous. Knowing this, with our experience in the biker world and motorcycle insurance, from Pont Grup. We decided to select the eight best motorcycle blogs that every biker should follow since we know that they are a safe bet when it comes to obtaining information.

Therefore, you are a true biker and motorcycles are your passion, take note because, with these motorcycle blogs, you will find everything you need to know within the universe of 2 wheels.

2. One the most whole motorcycles.

The first on our list is, one of the complete motorcycle blogs. It belongs to WeblogsSL, a group with a wide variety of blogs on different topics that are a reference in their sector.

At Motorpasionmoto, you will get all kinds of information related to the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships, best-selling motorcycles, new models, curiosities, etc.

If you want to be aware of all that happens in the world of motorcycles, it is your best option. In addition,  allows you to search, shows you the most read articles. The best-rated, conducts surveys and all kinds of actions to offer added value to users.

3. A blog that will undoubtedly capture your attention

A blog that will undoubtedly capture your attention will be, where you will receive new information and news daily related to the world of competition and the motorcyclist on foot.

We changed the blog’s theme since specializes in motorcycle trips. So here you will get all kinds of information about motorcycle trips. Available routes, advice to consider before travelling, upcoming projects, information about events, etc.

It is one of the motorcycle blogs with the most followers, with information organized by sections and categories. We consider it key to keep in mind as a reference motorcycle blog. It even has a promotions section. The possibility of periodic subscriptions and a large team of collaborators who work every day to offer new posts.

It is one of the full blogs, which presents, like an online newspaper, all kinds of news organized in different categories that will facilitate your search and allow you to go to the shot. If you like motorcycles, you will enjoy the Formulamoto blog, one of our favourites.


That is to say. is one of the blogs with the most extended history on the Internet. A staple for any pro biker, with which you will obtain a large amount of information, all of it related exclusively to the world of motorcycles.

Content on brands and comparisons, official competitions, accessories and services. Events and safety are the different categories that makeup Which has a meticulous structure and a simple and intuitive design, one of the reference blogs in your industry.

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