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The 6 Best Supplements You Should Take Daily

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We all want to maintain optimal health, whether you’re an athlete, a working professional, retired, or simply living the life you love. Laying a solid foundation is key to our health, and a great way to do it is by making sure you’re getting these six essential supplements every day.

These supplements were made for everyone, so now it’s easier to live your healthiest life! If you don’t already keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet, ask your local health pills store for these six daily supplements.

1: A Multivitamin

What’s the best way to make sure that you’re getting all the important vitamins and minerals you need to function every day? By taking a multivitamin, of course!

Are multivitamins good for you? Like it says in the name, multivitamins aim to provide you with one easy source for all the daily nutrients our bodies need. This includes essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A to D, iron, calcium, potassium, and so much more! No matter your diet or lifestyle, the best multivitamin helps fuel your body and lays a good foundation for your overall health. Ideally, a multivitamin and multimineral supplement, when taken every day, should be enough to keep your body happy and healthy.

Now, let’s do a Pure Encapsulations Multivitamin review! If you’re wondering which daily multivitamin to try first, launch your body to better health with Pure Encapsulations ONE Multivitamin.

Multivitamin benefits:

  • Bridges gaps in nutrition and helps you meet the recommended amount of nutrients
  • Boosts energy and mood
  • Strengthens immune defense
  • Improves muscle and cognitive function
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Supports overall health and wellbeing

2: A Probiotic

Did you know that much of your immune system lives in your gut?

It’s true! Our gut microbiome — or the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in our stomach — plays a vital role in maintaining our immune system. A healthy and balanced microbiome can help manage inflammation levels and help the immune system better respond to infections and potential invaders.

And you can keep your gut, and by extension your immune system, healthy all-year round with a daily probiotic!

Probiotics are made from live bacteria and microorganisms that are designed to increase the amount of good bacteria in our gut microbiome and improve our overall digestion. Aside from promoting gut health, probiotics can ease common digestive problems, like gas, bloating, constipation, and indigestion, or prevent them altogether. Plus, because our gut health and our immunity are so closely tied to each other, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone! You can support both your gut and your immunity with just one supplement!

Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common probiotics and is easily found in fermented foods, such as yogurt, sourdough bread, kimchi, and kombucha. Other than that, a chewable probiotic supplement like American Health Acidophilus 1 Billion (Chewable) is easy to add to your daily supplement routine.

Lactobacillus acidophilus benefits:

  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria
  • Maintains the intestinal lining
  • Balances gut microbiome
  • Soothes common digestive problems like indigestion and diarrhea
  • Supports immune function

3: An Antioxidant

It’s always a good idea to have an antioxidant-rich diet. Whether you take your antioxidants from the food you eat — such as from citrus fruits, blueberries, and vegetables — or from NAC supplements, antioxidants are incredibly crucial for an altogether healthier immune response.

Antioxidants defend our body against oxidative stress, which damages cell tissue and DNA — and overall, just spells trouble. Oxidative stress is usually caused by free radicals, harmful molecules that can be found in air pollutants and industrial chemicals, and has been linked to various diseases. Antioxidants bind themselves to free radicals in order to prevent oxidative stress. This can lead to reduced signs of aging, a boost in immunity, and healthier cells.

Bust through oxidative stress with a powerful antioxidant or NAC supplement like NAC N Acetyl L Cysteine! NAC, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, is an amino acid that also doubles as an antioxidant. Amino acids are often called “the building blocks of life.” That’s because our body uses amino acids to form proteins that support our energy, growth, and development. Plus, NAC helps the body produce glutathione, which is the antioxidant of all antioxidants. Talk about a win-win!

NAC benefits:

  • Provides antioxidant support
  • Replenishes stores of glutathione
  • Detoxifies the liver and kidneys
  • Supports brain health and function
  • Manages a healthy inflammatory response
  • Boosts immune function

4: An Anti Inflammatory

Inflammation is common after you’ve wounded or injured yourself. At the first sign of inflammation, don’t fret! It’s actually our body’s first response to any sort of injury or infection. In a way, it’s our body’s own attempt to fix the problem.

However, inflammation can quickly become a concern when it lasts for too long, becomes painful or uncomfortable, or starts to affect normal and healthy tissue. In that case, an anti-inflammatory is great to have on hand!

Turmeric is cited as one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients around! Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that gives it its distinctive bright yellow-orange color and much of its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been known to relieve pain and discomfort in the blink of an eye and get rid of any unwanted inflammation. You can keep inflammation at bay with one of the leading curcumin supplements in the market, Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength Pain Relief. If you experience pain and discomfort, not just from inflammation, on a daily basis, then your body is craving the all-natural relief that curcumin can provide!

Curcumin benefits:

  • Maintains healthy inflammation levels
  • Soothes pain, discomfort, and soreness
  • Provides antioxidant support
  • Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health

5: Omegas

Omega-3 fatty acids are fundamental to a lot of our everyday bodily processes. They’re usually found in fish oil, and wait until you discover all of these fish oil benefits.

There are two important types of Omega-3s you need to know about: DHA and EPA. Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, is useful for brain and nerve development in infants and children, but is still just as effective for cognitive function in adults. In fact, a DHA deficiency can often lead to increased symptoms of ADHD, the development of learning disabilities, and even Alzheimer’s. DHA also has positive effects on our cardiovascular system, managing blood pressure levels, and reducing the amount of “bad” cholesterol in our body.

In short, DHA focuses more on the brain, although it can have benefits for our heart as well.

EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, is used to produce eicosanoids, which help to reduce over-inflammation, as well as decrease high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure. Other than that, EPA may also combat symptoms of depression more effectively than DHA.

To summarize, EPA focuses on managing inflammation, triglycerides, high blood pressure, and even symptoms of depression.

Which one is better to have? Why not both!

We need equal amounts of EPA and DHA from fish oil in order to keep our body healthy, and one like Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement contains heaping amounts of both DHA and EPA with every serving! Worried about where your fish oil comes from? You can put your mind at ease! Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil is made from cold-water pollock sustainably sourced off the coast of Alaska. So it’s good for your body and the environment!

Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil:

  • Boosts mood and cognitive function
  • Promotes neurological health
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Manages inflammation
  • Maintains healthy triglyceride and blood pressure levels
  • Reduces plaque buildup in arteries and blood vessels
  • Minimizes the risk of developing heart diseases and other health issues

6: Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s involved in a lot of our body’s biochemical processes, including but not limited to energy production, protein formation, muscle function, and neurotransmitter regulation. Another great benefit of magnesium is its calming properties. Magnesium supplements are often recommended for rest after any strenuous activity or exercise because it helps relax our muscles, calm our mind, and soothe stress and anxiety.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, a little magnesium could help you out! It’ll not only help you fall asleep faster, but can even improve sleep quality and have you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested! And we could all use a little more rest and relaxation. We recommend Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate to help you think, loosen up, and sleep better than ever before!

Benefits of magnesium:

  • Calms the mind and body
  • Eases occasional stress and anxiety
  • Supports muscle and nerve function
  • Boosts energy production and athletic performance
  • Promotes cardiovascular and bone health
  • Aids metabolic process

But take note: magnesium has different forms and some are more absorbable than others. Forms like magnesium glycinate are more bioavailable, making it ideal for our bodies to consume on its own.

BONUS: Full Body Cleanse

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve probably tried everything — and more. Daily supplementation is usually enough to help you get through the everyday, but if you’re looking to fully reset your body and health, a full body cleanse could be in order!

Just as the name implies, a full body cleanse detox is a wonderful way to clean, detoxify, and reboot your body — the perfect opportunity to help you achieve a brand new, healthier you! It makes an amazing addition to your supplements and wellness routine. But unlike the other supplements in this list, it’s not necessary daily. Still, an occasional full body cleanse could work wonders, especially for your immunity and energy levels.

Depending on the type of cleanse or routine you’re going for, a cleanse could involve limiting the type of food you eat (such as cutting out alcohol, sugar and sodium-rich food,) drinking more water and other healthy juices, exercising more regularly, and improving your sleep quality. For the best detox cleanse, you can jumpstart your health with Renew Life 3 Day Cleanse Weight Loss! (Not sure if this is right for you? Browse the Renew Life Cleanse 3-Day reviews to see what other shoppers think!)

Benefits of a cleanse:

  • Eliminates toxins and waste
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves regular bowel movement and digestive function
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases energy production
  • Supports liver health and function
  • Rejuvenates the mind and body

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It can be a lot of work to maintain not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind. But staying healthy doesn’t always have to be a chore! With these 6 supplements (plus one bonus), they do all the work for you so you can launch your mind and body towards a happier, healthier you! When you treat your body well, your body (and yourself) will surely thank you in the long run!

If you’re unsure about where or how to start, a visit to a trusted healthcare professional or your favorite health pills store should do the trick!

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