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Tires – The Myths Surrounding

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Tires – Riding a motorcycle is like riding outdoors. The sensations of nature are much more acute. The wind shapes you, and you can feel the road. The bike is synonymous with freedom to ride. Still, it can be confusing with “I can do everything”, not even when accelerating. But, significantly when modifying and taking care of your companion. Pirelli has separated some actions related to your motorcycle tires that you should not do.

Can I Put “Black” On The Tires?

Popularly known as tiny black, it is a liquid / viscous material that gives a shine to the tire. Widely used in cars on the side of the tire, this product should be avoided at all costs on a motorcycle. As an element that is not part of the tire, having this material in it directly affects grip. Eventually, putting the rider at risk. Even if it is applies only on the side, which is very small comparing to a car. Some residue can go to the tread during the movement, thanks to the centrifugal force. However, it generates severe problems for the driver because you can face difficulties precisely when you are more susceptible to falls. In addition, to a curve with the bike leaning. Avoid using this product in any way.

In addition, the little black is often composed of chemical substances that accelerate the tire’s ageing process, causing dryness of the rubber that, in extreme cases, can develop into cracks that make its use unfeasible.

Using A Pool Float As A Replacement For The Inner Tube

We cannot use this feature as intending for use on tires. The motorcycle tire for urban use is designed to be used in two ways: with or without an inner tube. Only air is a supporting element, without the presence of foreign materials inside, as shown in the videos of the pool floats.

The float is not designed for this purpose and is therefore unable to support the tire structure over the long term and does not have the necessary heat capacity to deal with the heating situations involved when the tire is in use.

Can I Use The Rear Tire On The Front?

Another aesthetic change that some try to promote on their motorcycle is the increase of the rear tire on the front to make the bike look more aggressive. This change is hazardous, as the rear tire has different purposes from the show, such as the ability to drain water and a design that favors the traction axle (which is the rear, on motorcycles). Making this modification is very dangerous. All the engineering makes precise calculations so that the front and rear tires, even if different, work together for more excellent safety, comfort and performance.

Can I Change The Tires Size?

Changing the tire size, either inches or width can compromise the safety of changing the bike’s chassis. Even if the tire fits on the bike’s fork/frame, this change must maintain the original dimensions made by the manufacturer.

I Can’t Change The Bike’s Tire Pressure In Any Way?

It is almost 100% true, but there are some particular cases like when the bike needs to stop for a long time, that maximum falls apart. For example, suppose you will leave the motorcycle stationary for a long time, without using it. In that case, we recommend that you inflate your tires with a little more air, generating a more significant internal pressure, in a value close to 20%. It minimizes some of the effects of leaving your bike stationary for a long time, resulting in a drastic decrease in pressure and even possible tire deformation. Therefore, it is essential that you leave your motorcycle on the center stand and immediately calibrate your motorcycle’s force to the standards indicated in the vehicle manual as soon as you are riding again.

Another point where you can slightly change the indicated pressure is when you will face off-road terrain, mainly sandy. The indicated pressure reduces a little to gain a little more grip. But just like the example above, remember to get back to normal pressure as soon as possible.

Can I Use “Trail” Tires In The City?

It is another fact that avoids at all costs. Off-road trail tires usually have large rubber blocks in their tread, widely spaced to improve grip on muddy terrain, for example. Despite not being prohibited by law, walking with this type of tire in the city should be avoided, as your safety may be in danger, see the little grip you will have on an asphalt floor, for example.

Can I Recover A Flat Or Torn Tires?

Pirelli does not recommend patching your tire. Unfortunately, if you’ve had a problem with a puncture, you shouldn’t make patches. Either the inner tube changes in the case of conventional tires or the tire changes in the case of radials. Safety has to come first.

One Side Of The Tires Is More Worn Than The Other. What Did I Do Wrong?

Absolutely nothing. Tires suffer irregular wear due to the condition of the streets and roads, which have inclined surfaces to assist in the flow of liquids. In this way, the tire has more of its tread on one side in contact with the road, and this side will be more worn than the other. Do not turn the tire to try to increase the useful life and have wear on both sides, as the product has a certain sense of use. Instead, make the exchange if necessary and both, ensuring a balanced set in conditions of use and more excellent safety.

Are Wax Tires Dangerous?

Don’t worry, the tires don’t have any wax. When the new tire installs on the motorcycle, the ideal is always to ride carefully at the beginning. It is because the tires still have the release agent used to remove the rubber from the vulcanizer. So be patient; stroll at first so that the product comes out naturally with wear. This happens with vehicles with four or more wheels, but they don’t depend on just two tires to stand.


Tire are the most important segment of any vehciles. The tires provide the better road grip. Eventually, it helps in providing comfort and speed to the vehicle. There are several myths revolving around tires which are discussed.

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