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Almonds Milk: Is It Compatible With Slimming Diets?

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Almonds milk: is it compatible with slimming diets? – Less caloric than cow’s milk and ironic in vitamins and minerals, almond milk can be of interest as part of a food rebalancing or a diet for lactose-intolerant people—overview of this vegetable drink.

In recent years, almond milk has become trendy. Particularly appreciated by lactose-intolerant people and vegans, it is a possible alternative to cow’s milk. Focus on almond milk, with Alexia Mouyal and Carla Abbou, dieticians.

1. Almond milk: nutritional values

In addition to the fact that this vegetables milk beverage has neither gluten nor cholesterol in its composition, it has the advantage of life very rich in vitamins and reserves essential to the proper functioning of the body: vitamins A, D, E, iron, calcium.

The duodenal levels, this vegetable milk also has interesting properties. On the one hand, it promotes digestion, and on the other hand, it improves the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars.

Almonds milk has a very different nutritional composition from cow’s milk. Indeed, less caloric than cow’s milk and lactose-free, this vegetable milk appears to be a more digestible and lighter solution.

“Another advantage of almonds milk: its lipid profile is better, with a majority of unsaturated fats – which are better on the cardiovascular level.”, explains Alexia Mouyal.

2. How many calories are in almonds milk?

Although it is rich in vitamins and reserves, almond milk has the advantage of being less caloric than cow’s milk.

A glass of almond milk only represents about thirty calories, against a good hundred for semi-skimmed cow’s milk!

3. Almonds milk: the disadvantages

The main disadvantage of industrial almonds milk is that it costs much more than cow’s milk.

“In addition, even if it contains very few almonds, from 3 to 6%, it can pose an ecological problem: almond trees are particularly water-intensive trees…” specifies Carla Abbou.

Finally, about the calcium content, of course, almond milk does not contain any, but many manufacturers add it. So if you pay attention to your calcium intake, opt for calcium-enriched almonds milk.

“All of these snacks have pros and cons, so it’s central to vary them to bring a multitude of benefits to our forms.”, she adds.

4. Almonds drain then weight loss: is it well-matched?

Almonds milk is a vegetal-based juice suggested for adults, vegetarians or not, either as a replacement for cow’s milk or soy milk.

“This vegetal milk is compatible with a search for weight loss, providing that you choose it, without added sugar, to take full benefit of the benefits of almond milk because the addition of sugars significantly modifies the composition of its drinks. “, says Carla Abbou.

To take advantage of its benefits, without growing the number of calories consumed, be careful to choose your almond milk:

Like soy milk, almond milk is logically low in calcium, so choose calcium-enriched almond milk.

It isn’t easy to find industrial almond milk with only water and almond paste/puree. It is best to do it yourself. Milk the fewest possible ingredients and as natural as possible for those who don’t have the time.

Before reading a label, remember that the ingredients are proportional to their quantity: from the most significant amount to the least present element. The fewer ingredients, the better! The drink must look as close as possible to the one we make at home.

5. Almond milk: a snack for afternoon tea

This recipe for chocolate dessert cream is as indulgent as indicated for a healthy snack at tea time.

Ingredients (for one person):

125ml almond milk

100g strawberries

10g chia seeds

One teaspoon cocoa powder

One teaspoon of agave molasses

The nightly before: put the almond milk, chia seeds, cocoa dust and agave syrup in a container, mix well and home the container in the freezer.

The next day, at snack period: cut the strawberries into strips. Then, put the preparation in a verrine and add the strawberries on top. Then, it’s ready to be tasted!

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