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Improve Your Muscle Mass With Various Forms of Dietary Supplements

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Improve your muscle mass with various forms of dietary supplements – To natural food, supplements are a powerful ally. We will briefly discuss the conditions in which they are, their main advantages, and the main functions of the nutrients essential for high-frequency muscular exercise.

Optimize muscle work with food supplements

  • Omega 3

These polyunsaturated greasy acids are much-admired by sportspersons and are rightly the subject of many admiring pieces of training on the web. However, if they are in their natural state in several foods such as nuts, soybeans or fatty fish, they can also be in the form of food supplements.

They promote recovery and help fight against rheumatism while preserving inflammatory diseases. The quantified results? A study by Canadian researchers showed that athletes who received these fatty acids experienced increased muscle function in the thigh of around 20%.

Sweet potato flour

Be careful; it is essential not to confuse the potato – nicknamed potato by many of us – which is not as advantageous for athletes on the nutritional level. It is, first of all, a food which has the advantage of providing vitamins A, B6, B9 and C. Then, it is one of the few starchy foods to generate more bases than acids and can thus contribute to the acid-base balance.

Its appeal also lies in its moderate glycemic index and its antioxidant properties. Those in a hurry will have plenty of time to mix the powder in their protein shake to consume it regularly without lingering behind the stove! By choosing nutritional supplements from Nutripure bio, you kill two birds with one stone by remaining attentive to the origin of the accessories and by increasing your muscle mass.

Whey protein

Among the food supplements popular with bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is impossible not to highlight the virtues of Whey. Its main interest is the rapid supply of proteins to the muscles before and after exercise.

Made up of the nine vital amino acids necessary for protein synthesis, it is absent from the body, so food is a supplement. However, another research published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism indicates that fitness practitioners who took this protein experienced an increase of almost 5% in lean body mass. And those who have difficulty abstaining from snacking are undoubtedly delighted to learn that Whey has an appetite suppressant effect.


The benefits of creatine do not escape the aficionados of dumbbells, elliptical trainers or rowers either. It turns out to be a food supplement that could not be more interesting in mass gain. Creatine boosts anabolic hormones and aids in cellular storage, which is the source of muscle energy. It is no coincidence that weightlifters use this kind of supplement as part of their training. Ideally, the initiated insulin peak with fruit juice causes creatine transport to the muscles. Rest assured, it has never been within our borders.

BCAA amino acids – Dietary Supplements

They are also food supplements which it is a shame to deprive yourself of when you want to develop your muscles or preserve your existing muscles from muscle wasting. They correspond to the acronym Branched Chain Amino Acids and remain amino acids in which we find isoleucine, valine and leucine. BCAAs, which before or after a session, are particularly useful in preventing the depletion of the body’s protein reserves. Consumed with carbohydrates, they stimulate insulin secretion.

Promote dryness – Dietary Supplements

When you are overweight or in the cutting phase, you do not necessarily have to try at all costs to get rid of small recalcitrant bulges before starting bodybuilding. Indeed, a moderate diet and a relevant training program combined. But are there supplements that promote fat loss? Again, we answer in the affirmative!

One thinks, for example, of green tea (organic is better), which improves recovery after exercise and promotes regular efforts, which are essential when one aspires to shed excess pounds. In the case of caffeine, which tempts an effect, its ingesting originates production of heat and metabolization of fats. In general, natural thermogenic fat burners contribute to fat destocking and preventing water retention. L-Carnitine supplementation is unquestionably part of our recommendations; it is a fat burner from the family of lipotropic, which mainly targets the fats located around the abdominal fat. Taking it in an organic food supplement guarantees you a controlled origin.

Forms of dietary supplements

The forms of presentation of food supplements are similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry; these are the so-called galenic forms. Various factors determine the choice of manufacturers, namely their ability to be compressed, their solubility or their taste. Two prior arrangements are made available to consumers who use supplements; on the one hand, the dry/solid forms, on the other hand, the liquid forms.

Various solutions for absorbing food supplements

Easier to store than food supplements in liquid form, accessories in the dry form include powders, capsules, gummies and tablets. There are, in particular, capsules of the hard capsule type, which are easily transportable, but which have the disadvantage of not masking odours. These are also the powders, which can be diluted or infused. Solids also make it possible to preserve certain active ingredients that are very sensitive to light, oxygen or water.

Available in single doses as in multidose, food supplements in liquid form have many advantages. They cause no swallowing problems and offer good dosing accuracy. In addition, both glass ampoules and vials by excellent bioavailability. However, the former is likely to break; the latter are bulky.

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