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Men’s Elastic Waist Pants – Comfort And Compelling Look

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Men’s Elastic Waist Pants

Elastic waist pants are increasing in popularity because of their comfort. The main reason behind that is the style they provide with comfort. However, many of us want to live a modern life and don’t want to compromise comfort.

The first was about pajamas. Two years ago, I ordered some custom-made pajamas by Spanish shirtmaker Burgos (above), a process that began in our pop-up shop earlier this year. They were in beautiful, modern chambray, and I’ve covered them.

However, over time I got a little frustrated with the pants. They went too high at the beginning, and I have changed that. But even then, they weren’t that comfortable and had a frustrating tendency to ride up and down.

I bought a pair of linen pajamas from Anderson & Sheppard early on, and they fit me much better. However, they rarely moved at the waist, though held, and are more comfortable. The reason seemed to be that it had an elastic waist.

Luxury – Elastic Waist Pants

In part, I think this is a pajama-only situation. Pajamas are usually made of a soft or lightweight material that is more stretchy and easier to wear than heavy ones. And that lightness of material can make the laces quite uncomfortable – you can feel them snug against your body, even when the tip is as wide as Burgos’.

Pajama bottoms are usually cut straight up and down without tapering from the buttocks to the waist. That means the elastic or drawstring has more to do than regular pants: there’s more to lace up, making it more of a challenge for a drawstring.

I think the Anderson & Sheppard pants were a good example too. The tension is good, the elastic is vast, and there is a flat front panel with no elastic, just a few pearl buttons, making them look cleaner and dressier than a simple elastic waist. The reason could also be a bit private.

The Development Of Fashion

At present, I get up around 5:30 am. m. at 6:00 am m. with my 14-month-old daughter in the dark. I turn off the light, so I don’t wake my wife. I need to meet my daughter in the next room before her whispers turn into screams and wake up more people.

So it’s lovely to throw on pajama bottoms in a frankly indulgent Cash marello fabric. It’s the perfect blend of practical and luxurious. My second experience showed the opposite: where I don’t want or need a rubber band. Last year I bought a pair of olive linen summer pants. They had an elastic waistband and a drawstring.

I loved wearing them: partly because I always had a hard time finding this linen color for tailored pants and because they were so light and easy to wear. But I only wore them with a t-shirt or polo outside the pants. Never with anything in it. I know others like to wear stretchy pants like these, but it seems too messy to me.

Compelling Look – Men’s Elastic Waist Pants

A clean, well-fitting waistband is a beautiful thing. It draws attention to one of the slimmer areas of the body and provides a nice transition between the loose material at the top and bottom. However, the only reason to wear an elastic waistband with something tucked in is to make a fashion statement—a bit like what the model below is doing in a De Bonne Facture look book.

I can understand why this is a compelling look and subverts some expectations of a shirt and pants, but it’s too modern for me. Fashions that are interesting because they are unusual rarely last long. After a while, they look usual.

I mainly include a picture of De Bonne Facture because I also bought a gorgeous pair of her straw yellow canvas drawstring pants from No Man Walks Alone this summer. They worked just as well, but again just with the loose stuff.

Overall Experience –  Waist Pants

He capitalized on my enthusiasm for linen pants and sent me a pair of his plain flannel pants to try on. These have an elasticated waist and belt loops (below). The slight puckering of the material that occurs with an elastic waistband is okay in pajamas and casual linen pants. It will hide if you wear something unbuttoned. But it looks out of place in flannels to me, nor will I wear an unbuttoned shirt with flannels.

You can use a belt to cover this waistband as there are belt loops, but an elastic doesn’t make much sense. I’m sure others will layer theirs differently, whether they dislike stretch on pajamas or even love it on fancy pants. But either way, I think it’s helpful to draw one instead of stumbling across an on-trend look or one that’s just focused on comfort.

I like clothes too much to get carried away with comfort. I’m not sure it’s a good time to be turning 40 with three kids. They use elastics in the back half of pants that are usually quite stylish. I think the difference is that the rubber band is rarely under a lot of tension. It’s only trying to tighten itself an inch or two, so it’s usually invisible when the pants are on.


Men’s elastic waist pants are growing in the fashion industry. However, they never lack comfort, But most importantly, they are growing in terms of the moving generation. The different types of age groups people prefer to wear this. The younger generation is also so satisfied with the elastic waist pants.