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Men’s skincare products depend on the predominant skin type. For example, oily skin needs sebum cleansing and hydration with gels, and skin prone to dryness requires simple cleansing without soap or with cleansing lotions. Photoprotection is always recommended. In case of doubt, a specialist should be consulted.

Men like their skin to look and feel healthy. Just like women, men also have to deal with issues like skin sensitivity, acne, and aging, but the skin differs for each gender. Men’s skin, both on the face and on the body, has a different composition than women’s, and with regular shaving, it is often treated differently as well. That’s why men are better off with a personalized approach to skincare to keep it looking healthy and natural.

On average, male skin is around 20% thicker than female skin. Contains more collagen and looks more compact and firm. The collagen content of male skin is reduced at a constant rate. Female skin is affected late in life, especially after menopause. The skin thins more dramatically now, and the effects are more pronounced than on males.

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