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My Care Tips for Dry Skin

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My Care Tips For Dry Skin

You can quickly tell if you have dry skin, especially after a shower. Characteristics of [dry skin] are that it is scaly, itchy, or cracked. A feeling of tightness can also signify that your skin is dry or tends to dry out.

“Dry Skin” Hardly Occurs in Men?

Advertising often generalizes that men’s skin is greasy per se because it has more sebaceous glands than women’s skin. However, after thousands of computer-assisted skin analyses in our institute, we can say that (dry skin) is the most common in men.

Temperature fluctuations often cause your skin to show signs of dryness. Especially in winter, when you come from the cold into a warm apartment, the big difference in temperature means stress for your skin. Therefore, it is also advisable in winter, when you are outside or when you are on a skiing holiday, for example, to use a “cold protection cream” – i.e. a cosmetic product containing more lipids.

More Reasons why Your Skin Can be Dry

Genetics, of course, play a significant role and generally has a substantial impact on the texture of your skin. But genetics alone do not determine your skin type because external influences can also significantly affect it. Cleansing products, for example, can be the reason why your skin is dry.

Due to the pH value that is far too high, soaps contribute to your skin being dry or drying out even more. Shower gel and hair shampoo are intended for the body and hair but not for the face because the increased pH value promotes dryness in your skin. You certainly use toothpaste and not shower gel to brush your teeth.

The cleansing product for dry skin should be mild and gentle because dry skin tends to be more sensitive than, for example, oily skin. If you are having (dry skin), I recommend using a cleansing milk instead of cleansing foam or gel.

The product does not contain foam, which feels unfamiliar during the first few uses. Because so far, you will have come into contact with cleaning products that foam. Even though the product doesn’t lather, it cleanses very thoroughly without washing away the necessary lipids from your skin.

You Should Pay Attention To This When You Care For Your Face

I often hear from my customers that they always use a moisturizing cream when their skin is dry. Dry skin also lacks moisture, but dry skin also needs lipids – i.e. fats. One may think that cosmetics containing more lipids (like richer ones) do not absorb quickly.

With dry skin, however, a care cream containing more lipids is absorbed just as well as a cream with lower fat content. Every skin type has different care needs – dry skin, for example, requires lipids. Due to this circumstance, the more decadent cream also absorbs well.

Demarcation Of Skin Type And Skin Condition

The definition “dry skin” describes a general skin type. Impurities, redness, and signs of aging describe your skin condition, some of which are only temporary – they complement your skin type. Therefore, your skin determines by the primary skin type and the current skin condition.

Impure, Dry Skin – My Care Tips For Dry Skin

Impurities are not uncommon, even with dry skin. But on the contrary. If your skin is impure, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s oily. The combination of dry and dirty skin – the so-called sicca – is much more common.

If your dry skin is struggling with impurities, you should make sure that your care has lipids and moisture. A slightly lipid-containing cream is also not in conflict to eliminate the impurities. The right dose of lipids is crucial when choosing your face cream.

The Dryness of My Skin is

Dryness of skin increasing As your age, your skin generally becomes drier. So it may be that you had oily skin as a teenager, but not anymore.


My Care Tips For Dry Skin describes your primary skin type. In addition to moisture, your skin lacks lipids  i.e. fats. During your care, you should use cleansing milk for cleansing so that your skin does not lose additional lipids.

Your facial care should be tailored to your skin type [dry skin] and skin condition (e.g. impure skin, signs of ageing, etc.). Use moisturizing and lipid-containing products for the care of your dry skin.

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